3 Ways to Wear Your Apple Watch with Lifting Straps

Wear Your Apple Watch with Lifting Straps

I’ve been asked this question twice now in the past week so I thought I’d address it here and that question is, “How do you wear your Apple Watch with lifting straps?”

Some of us (myself included) can get pretty obsessed with our Apple Watches. Whether it’s trying to close your rings each day or simply tracking your workouts, we like to wear our watches while we lift.

However, you may find yourself running into an issue with your watch and straps both vying for the same wrist space.

So, in this article I’m going to share with you 3 ways you can get your Apple Watch and lifting straps working in harmony.

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1. Take Your Watch Off

The truth is, I take my Apple Watch off while I’m using lifting straps.

Here’s why.

I only wear lifting straps for one, maybe two lifts per workout and often times I don’t wear them at all. (Make sure you’re not confusing wrist wraps with lifting straps) I’ll use them for snatches on occasion and on auxiliary lifts like pulls and RDLs. That’s about it.

If you’re only using lifting straps for a few lifts as well, just take the watch off. Missing out on 3 minutes of a workout is not going to turn the universe upside down.

2. Slide the Apple Watch Up Your Wrist

This solution might even be easier than taking your watch off.

Loosen up your watch just a bit and slide it up your forearm slightly.

Lifting straps tend to sit pretty low (toward the hand) on your wrist. Therefore you shouldn’t have to slide the watch too far up for both to be able to fit just fine.

I know I said I usually take my Apple Watch off while I’m using lifting straps and that’s true, I do. However, if I’m doing something simple like a quick few sets of RDLs I’ll just loosen my watch and slide it up a bit. Problem solved.

3. Get a Sport Strap

If taking your watch off or sliding it up your arm aren’t viable options for you, then you may want to look into getting a sport strap, like this ActionSleeve.

These straps work by taking your watch off of your wrist strap and placing it into an armband that you secure with Velcro on your arm.

This gets the watch completely out of the way of your wrists and lifting straps.

This design also makes them great if you workout with kettlebells. If you do any cleans or snatches with kettlebells you probably already know that leaving your Apple Watch on your wrist is a recipe for disaster. You’re basically one flip of the kettlebell away from being in the market for a new watch.

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling to fit your Apple Watch on your wrist in combo with your lifting straps, honestly, just take your watch off for a few minutes.

Yes, you may miss a few calories. Yes, you may miss a few exercise minutes. However, if those few minutes are what is keeping you from closing your rings then just add an extra 5 minutes of cardio at the end of your workout.

Or, and hear me out here, don’t freak out so much about closing your rings. I know, I’m obsessive about it too. But, just don’t forget that the only person that actually cares about you closing your rings – is you.

Hope this article has been helpful. Stay strong!

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