Wear Your Apple Watch with Lifting Straps

4 Ways to Wear Your Apple Watch with Wrist Wraps

I’ve been asked this question twice now in the past week so I thought I’d address it here and that question is, “How do you wear your Apple Watch with wrist wraps?”

Some of us (myself included) can get pretty obsessed with our Apple Watches. Whether it’s trying to close your rings each day or simply tracking your workouts, we like to wear our watches while we lift.

However, you may find yourself running into an issue with your watch and wraps both vying for the same wrist space.

So, in this article, I’m going to share with you 4 ways you can get your Apple Watch and wrist wraps working in harmony.

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1. Protecht Wrist Wraps

Protecht Wrap with Apple Watch

Full disclosure, this article used to be called “3 Ways to Wear Your Apple Watch with wrist wraps”. Then, I tried out a pair of Protecht Wrist Wraps.

A set of Protecht Wrist Wraps comes with two different styles of wrap. One is a traditional-looking wrist wrap. The other, however, has a cutout that allows you to not only wear your watch but have full access to the watch face so you can change your music, check notifications, etc.

You can also get what they call a Protecht Patch that will attach overtop of your watch for exercises like Kettlebell Snatches where you may be concerned of the bell flipping back and hitting your watch.

They’re not perfect (check out my full review here), but they’re by far the best option for being able to wear your Apple Watch and still wear a pair of wrist wraps.

To get your own pair, head over to Protechtwraps.com.

2. Take Your Watch Off

Before my Protecht Wrist Wraps I would just take my Apple Watch off while I’m using wrist wraps.

Here’s why.

I only wear wrist wraps for a handful of lifts per workout and sometimes I don’t wear them at all. (Make sure you’re not confusing wrist wraps with lifting straps) I’ll use them for pressing movements like Bench Press and exercises like Front Squat where the extra support is beneficial.

If you’re only using wrist wraps for a few lifts as well, you can always just take the watch off. Is it annoying? Yes. Will you miss out on 10 minutes of workout data? Yes. But, in the grand scheme of things it’s not exactly the end of the world.

3. Slide the Apple Watch Up Your Wrist

This solution might even be easier than taking your watch off.

Loosen up your watch just a bit and slide it up your forearm slightly.

Wrist wraps tend to sit pretty low (toward the hand) on your wrist. Therefore you shouldn’t have to slide the watch too far up for both to be able to fit just fine.

I know I said I used to take my Apple Watch off while I’m using wrist wraps and that’s true, I did. However, if I’m doing something simple like a quick few sets of Shoulder Press I’ll just loosen my watch and slide it up a bit. Problem solved.

4. Get a Sport Strap

If taking your watch off or sliding it up your arm aren’t viable options for you, then another product you may want to look into getting is a sport strap, like this ActionSleeve.

These straps work by taking your watch off of your wrist wrap and placing it into an armband that you secure with Velcro on your arm.

This gets the watch completely out of the way of your wrists and wrist wraps.

This design also makes them great if you workout with kettlebells. If you do any cleans or snatches with kettlebells you probably already know that leaving your Apple Watch on your wrist is a recipe for disaster. You’re basically one flip of the kettlebell away from being in the market for a new watch.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the answer lies in how determined are you to track your fitness data while you work out. If the answer is ‘very’, then opt for a pair of Protecht Wraps or an Action Sleeve. If the answer is ‘not really’, then just slide the watch up your arm or simply take it off.

For me, the fitness data on my Apple Watch is probably what I use it for the most, so not being able to wear it while I work out can be extremely frustrating. If you can relate to that, then spending the money to be able to utilize the most used feature on a very expensive wearable just makes sense.

However, if you’re not the type of person that is bothered by an almost closed activity ring at the end of the day, then just pop your watch off when you need to and then slide it back on once you’re past the lifts that require wrist wraps.

Hope this article has been helpful. Stay strong!

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