Defensive Tackle Broad Jumps at NFL Combine

All-Time Best NFL Combine Defensive Tackle Broad Jumps

I’ve always loved the NFL Combine. A series of events to evaluate the physical characteristics of the best college football players each year. It’s like field day when you were a kid, but with some of the best athletes in the world.

When I train players for the combine, one of the things we always do is look at previous years’ results to see how we stack up. It is a great tool for goal-setting and motivation.

This guide is simply me sharing this information with you. I went through all the previous NFL Combines (going back to 2006) to find the best Defensive Tackle Broad Jumps of all time.

Note: These are the official NFL Combine times from Some resources online will also include pro-day numbers, but because there are so many other variables with pro-day numbers I’ve stuck strictly to the official reps from Indianapolis.

Best Defensive Tackle Broad Jumps of All-Time

Best DT Broad Jumps in NFL Combine History
Jordan DavisGeorgia10’3″2022
Mario EdwardsFlorida State10’0″2015
Ed OliverHouston10’0″2019
Taven BryanFlorida9’11”2018
Larrell MurchisonNC State9’10”2020
Sheldon RankinsLouisville9’10”2016
Renell WrenArizona State9’10”2019
Arik ArmsteadOregon9’9″2015
Geno AtkinsGeorgia9’9″2010
Connor WujciakBoston College9’9″2016

Year By Year Top Defensive Tackle Broad Numbers

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 Broad Jumps from each year going back to 2006. In addition to the top 5 each year, I’ve also included any defensive tackle that jumped 9’3″ or further.

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Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2023
Jalen RedmondOklahoma9’8″2023
Zacch PickensSouth Carolina9’8″2023
Dante StillsWest Virginia9’5″2023
Moro OjomoTexas9’4″2023
Keeanu BentonWisconsin9’3″2023

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Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2022
Jordan DavisGeorgia10’3″2022
Matthew ButlerTennessee9’4″2022
Devonte WyattGeorgia9’3″2022
Thomas BookerStanford9’2″2022
Travis JonesConnecticut9’2″2022


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2020
Larrell MurchisonNC State9’10”2020
Malcolm RoachTexas9’6″2020
Raekwon DavisAlabama9’3″2020
Rob WindsorPenn State9’3″2020
Darrion DanielsNebraska9’1″2020


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2019
Ed OliverHouston10’0″2019
Renell WrenArizona State9’10”2019
Kevin GivensPenn State9’7″2019
Trysten HillUCF9’7″2019
Jerry TilleryNotre Dame9’7″2019


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2018
Taven BryanFlorida9’11”2018
Foley FatukasiConnecticut9’4″2018
Nathan ShepherdFort Hays9’4″2018
Trenton ThompsonGeorgia9’3″2018
Breeland SpeaksOle Miss9’2″2018

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Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2017
Larry OgunjobiCharlotte9’8″2017
Isaac RochellNotre Dame9’6″2017
Malik McDowellMichigan State9’4″2017
Eddie VanderdoesUCLA9’3″2017
Dalvin TomlinsonAlabama9’2″2017


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2016
Sheldon RankinsLouisville9’10”2016
Connor WujciakBoston College9’9″2016
Jonathan BullardFlorida9’8″2016
Robert NkemdicheOle Miss9’8″2016
Joel HeathMichigan State9’5″2016
Hassan RidgewayTexas9’5″2016
Lawrence ThomasMichigan State9’5″2016


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2015
Mario EdwardsFlorida State10’0″2015
Arik ArmsteadOregon9’9″2015
Rakeem Nunez-RochesSouthern Miss9’6″2015
Xavier CooperWashington State9’2″2015
Ellis McCarthyUCLA9’1″2015


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2014
Aaron DonaldPittsburgh9’8″2014
Ra’Shede HagemanMinnesota9’6″2014
Kerry WynnRichmond9’5″2014
Khyri ThorntonSouthern Miss9’4″2014
Tenny PalepoiUtah9’3″2014


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2013
Sheldon RichardsonMissouri9’8″2013
Jared SmithNew Hampshire9’7″2013
Akeem SpenceIllinois8’11”2013
Sharrif FloydFlorida8’10”2013
Josh BoydMississippi State8’8″2013
Johnathan HankinsOhio State8’8″2013
Montori HughesTennessee-Martin8’8″2013
Bennie LoganLSU8’8″2013


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2012
JR SweezyNC State9’5″2012
Kendall ReyesConnecticut9’5″2012
Mike MartinMichigan9’5″2012
Markus KuhnNC State9’4″2012
Kheeston RandallTexas9’3″2012


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2011
John GravesVirginia Tech9’6″2011
Nick FairleyAuburn9’5″2011
Drake NevisLSU9’4″2011
Marvin AustinNorth Carolina9’4″2011
Muhammad WilkersonTemple8’10”2011
Chris NeildWest Virginia8’10”2011


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2010
Geno AtkinsGeorgia9’9″2010
Gerald McCoyOklahoma9’6″2010
Lamarr HoustonTexas9’6″2010
Mike NealPurdue9’5″2010
Al WoodsLSU9’1″2010


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2009
Khalif MitchellEast Carolina9’1″2009
Mitch KingIowa9’1″2009
Sammie HillStillman9’1″2009
Demonte BoldenTennessee9’1″2009
Ziggy HoodMissouri9’0″2009


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2008
Red BryantTexas A&M9’3″2008
Carlton PowellVirginia Tech9’0″2008
Nick HaydenWisconsin9’0″2008
Ahtyba RubinIowa State8’10”2008
Dre MooreMaryland8’9″2008
Sedrick EllisUSC8’9″2008


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2007
David PattersonOhio State9’10”2007
Quinn PitcockOhio State9’4″2007
Amobi OkoyeLouisville9’3″2007
Turk McBrideTennessee9’0″2007
Ryan McBeanOklahoma State9’0″2007
Antonio JohnsonMississippi State9’0″2007
Justin HarrellTennessee9’0″2007
Larry BrownOklahoma State9’0″2007


Best DT Broad Jumps at NFL Combine 2006
Brodrick BunkleyFlorida State9’5″2006
Jonathan LewisVirginia Tech9’3″2006
Kedric GolstonGeorgia9’3″2006
Manaia BrownBYU9’3″2006
Rodrique WrightTexas9’2″2006
Haloti NgataOregon9’2″2006
John McCargoNC State9’2″2006
Dusty DvoracekOklahoma9’2″2006


In my opinion, a great broad jump might be the most impressive thing to see in person – even more than a lightning-fast 40 or an outstanding vertical jump.

If you don’t believe me I want you to grab a measuring tape and some regular tape.

Find an open area on the floor and put down a strip of tape. Then, measure out ten feet and put down another strip of tape.

Now, stand behind the first piece of tape and just look at how far the other piece of tape actually is! The top D Tackles listed above jumped past that tape. And, by the way, don’t forget that the average NFL defensive end weighs almost 310 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that not everyone who gets invited to the NFL Combine actually jumps (although broad jumps along with running the 40 and vertical jumps are still heavily participated in by most positions).

So, some players who potentially could put up a big jump don’t have an official number on the record.

Finally, don’t forget that there are many players each year who would have put up big numbers that don’t receive an NFL Combine invite. I’ve been at many pro days where some of the numbers our guys put up would have been top 5 or even top 3 at the combine that year.

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