Anji MTX Exercise Platform Review

Anji MTX Exercise Platform Review

The Anji MTX Exercise Platform is designed to create a flooring space for you to be able to do your at-home workouts.

I was recently given one to try out and in this review, I’m going to share with you what I liked (and didn’t like) about the platform. More specifically, I’ll give you my opinion on who this platform would be a great fit for and who should look for other gym flooring options.

Let’s get right into it.

anji mtx platform
Anji MTX Exercise Platform Square

Anji MTX Exercise Platform

Excellent gym flooring option for at-home workouts utilizing cardio equipment, dumbbells and kettlebells.

Looks great. Performs great. Very easy to set up and take apart.

Does have limitations for weightlifters needing a more heavy-duty option.

Details aka Specs

Let’s start by discussing some of the general specs of the platform.

First, the platform is made of 2’x2′ pieces which makes it easy to get the proper size needed for your space. You can order anything from a 4’x6′ up to a 12’x12′ or you even have the option to customize the size you want.

Each piece has a layer of rubber gym flooring across a plastic base. Then, the bottom has a sticky surface on it which does a really good job of holding the platform in place.

Each piece slides together like a jigsaw puzzle and then it is locked in place together with plastic clamps.

Pricing is obviously heavily dependent on size. At the time I’m writing this a 4’x6′ platform is 299.99 and a 12’x12′ is 1799.99.

PROS aka What I Liked

There is a lot to like about this Anji MTX Platform. Here’s what stood out:


Anji MTX Exercise Platform Corner Close Up

First and foremost, the platform looks great. The design is clean, well made and looks very professional.

I have rubber stall mats in my garage gym and they look fine, but honestly, this platform reminds me more of what I’m used to in a collegiate weight room or commercial gym.

Quick Assembly

I had set aside an entire afternoon to unbox and assemble this platform. When I started opening the boxes I told myself I was going to stay calm and not allow myself to get frustrated.

20 minutes later I was done.

The second time I put it together (with all the pieces already out of the box) it took me closer to 5 minutes.

Pieces slide together like puzzle pieces and then the edges are clamped together. It’s incredibly simple and incredibly easy.

Because it’s so quick and easy to set up it could be a great option for someone in a small space. You could actually set up your platform, workout, and then store it away in a closet. It would be a great way to maximize your space.


The platform started out in my garage and I immediately put it to work.

I felt solid lifting on it. Did some barbell work, a few dumbbell lifts and even tried out some medicine ball slams. I never felt like the platform wasn’t going to support me and it also held up well against the slams.

It also held in place incredibly well. I was a little worried about it sliding a bit as I worked out but that ended up not being an issue at all.

Then, I took it inside and set it up in a space my wife has been doing trampoline workouts. Worked perfectly. Supported the trampoline and completely eliminated any of the noise the trampoline had been making on our wooden floor.

If you need a gym flooring solution and your home workouts consist of dumbbells, kettlebells, trampoline, exercise bike, yoga, etc then this platform is an excellent option.

CONS aka What I Didn’t Like

The Anji MTX Platform did have its limitations. Here’s what they were:

Olympic Lifting

I do a lot of Olympic Lifting in my workouts. Snatches, Cleans, Jerks, etc.

I tried some light cleans on the platform, starting at 60kg (132 pounds) and worked up to 80kg (176 pounds).

The platform didn’t hold up well to weight like that being dropped on it at all. It only took a few sets for an indent to appear where the bumper plates were landing. I was even attempting to lower the bar a little easier than I normally would on my weightlifting platform.

On the plus side, the platform stayed solid under my feet as I was lifting. So, if you’re doing light barbell work and lowering the bar under control back to the platform you should be okay.

However, if you planning on doing a lot of Olympic lifting, you’re going to need something a little more heavy-duty. (For more gym floor options check out my Top Picks for Garage Gym Flooring)

Final Verdict

Up until now, if you wanted home gym flooring designed for recreational workouts your best options were either install a complete gym floor (expensive) or puzzle mat flooring (poor performing).

This Anji MTX Exercise Platform is a huge upgrade to either of those options in my opinion. It looks great, performs really well for most activities and is incredibly easy to put together (and take apart if needed).

To see pricing and sizing options, head over to Anji MTX’s website here.

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