Average Height and Weight of Major League Baseball Pitchers

Average Height and Weight of MLB Pitchers (2023)

I’ve been a collegiate sports performance coach for 20 years. One thing I always felt was effective was showing guys the heights and weights of players at their position in the pros.

It helped give many players the extra motivation needed to gain weight when they were able to compare themselves to guys at the next level.

So, this is essentially the same research I would share with players, but now I’m sharing it with you. I took the 40-Man Rosters for the 2023 Major League Baseball season, almost 1200 players total and broke them down by position.

For this guide, I took an average of the heights and weights of the 659 pitchers across the league. In addition, just for fun, I listed the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest pitchers as well. Go ahead and impress someone today with your newfound random baseball knowledge.

Average Height of an MLB Pitcher

The average height of a major league baseball pitcher is 74.63 inches (just over 6’2 1/2″), the tallest of any position in the league.

Height of MLB Pitchers 2023

Average Weight of an MLB Pitcher

The average weight of a major league baseball pitcher is 210.66 pounds.

Weight of MLB Pitchers 2023

Who Are The Tallest Pitchers in Major League Baseball?

There are 10 players in the entire major leagues listed at 6’8″ or taller – all of them are pitchers.

Tallest Pitchers in the MLB
Player Height Position Team
Sean Hjelle 6’11” Pitcher San Francisco Giants
Bailey Ober 6’9″ Pitcher Minnesota Twins
Michel Baez 6’8″ Pitcher San Diego Padres
Jackson Rutledge 6’8″ Pitcher Washington Nationals
Stephen Ridings 6’8″ Pitcher New York Mets
Sean Reynolds 6’8″ Pitcher Miami Marlins
Trevor Megill 6’8″ Pitcher Minnesota Twins
Tyler Glasnow 6’8″ Pitcher Tampa Bay Rays
Chris Martin 6’8″ Pitcher Boston Red Sox
Tyler Wells 6’8″ Pitcher Baltimore Orioles

Who are the Shortest Pitchers in Major League Baseball?

Not every pitcher is crazy tall (although almost 60 pitchers are 6’6″ or taller). Here are 5 guys that are 5’9″ or shorter.

Shortest Pitchers in the MLB
Player Height Position Team
Marcus Stroman 5’7″ Pitcher Chicago Cubs
Deivi Garcia 5’9″ Pitcher New York Yankees
Kolton Ingram 5’9″ Pitcher Los Angeles Angels
Sam Moll 5’9″ Pitcher Oakland Athletics
Matt Bush 5’9″ Pitcher Milwaukee Brewers

Who are the Heaviest Pitchers in the MLB?

Here are the seven heaviest guys in the league, all over 265 pounds.

Heaviest Pitchers in the MLB
Player Weight Position Team
Alek Manoah 285 Pitcher Toronto Blue Jays
Joel Kuhnel 280 Pitcher Cincinnati Reds
Max Castillo 280 Pitcher Kansas City Royals
Carlos Estevez 277 Pitcher Los Angeles Angels
Joe Jimenez 277 Pitcher Atlanta Braves
Lance Lynn 270 Pitcher Chicago White Sox
Diego Castillo 268 Pitcher Seattle Mariners

Who are the Lightest Pitchers in the MLB?

Here are the six lightest guys in Major League Baseball, all weighing 160 pounds or less.

Lightest Players in the MLB
Player Weight Position Team
Ronny Henriquez 155 Pitcher Minnesota Twins
Edwin Uceta 155 Pitcher Detroit Tigers
Huascar Brazoban 155 Pitcher Miami Marlins
Reese Olson 160 Pitcher Detroit Tigers
Jhony Brito 160 Pitcher New York Yankees
Reiver Sanmartin 160 Pitcher Cincinnati Reds

Final Thoughts

So, what did I learn?

The tallest players in baseball are absolutely pitchers. I listed above the ten tallest players, all 6’8″ or taller, that are all pitchers. In addition to that, there are 64 players that are 6’6″ or taller and all but 5 of them are pitchers.

Obviously, being tall is an advantage to being a pitcher in the majors. A longer stride and longer arms mean the ball is being released closer to the batter which in turn reduces the (already short) amount of reaction time for the batter.

It doesn’t mean you have to be tall though. Marcus Stroman is about to start his 9th year in the majors standing at only 5’7″.

Finally, if you’d like to see the full position-by-position breakdown, check out the average heights and weights of major league baseball players by position.



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