Average Height and Weight of Pro Lacrosse Defenders

Average Height & Weight Mens Pro Lacrosse Defenders (PLL)

I’ve been a collegiate sports performance coach for 20 years. One thing I always felt was effective was showing guys the heights and weights of players at their position in the pros.

It helped give many players the extra motivation needed to gain weight when they were able to compare themselves to guys at the next level.

So, this is essentially the same research I would share with players, but now I’m sharing it with you. I took the 8 25-man active rosters for the 2023 season (a few weeks just before the first week of the season), almost 200 players total and broke them down by position.

For this guide, I took an average of the heights and weights of the 32 active Defenders across the league. 

In addition, just for fun, I listed the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest Defenders as well. Go ahead and impress someone today with your newfound random lacrosse knowledge.

Average Height of a Pro Lacrosse Defender

The average height of a Premiere Lacrosse League Defender is 73.72 inches or almost 6’1 3/4″.

Height of PLL Defenders 2023

Average Weight of a Pro Lacrosse Defender

The average weight of a Premiere Lacrosse League Defender is 210.09 pounds.

Weight of PLL Defenders 2023

Who Are The Tallest Defenders in the PLL?

There are six guys listed at 6’4″ which is the tallest in the league.

  • Matt McMahon – 6’4″ – Archers
  • Eddy Glazener – 6’4″ – Redwoods
  • Johnny Surdick – 6’4″ – Chaos
  • Jarrod Neumann – 6’4″ – Chaos
  • Matt Rees – 6’4″ – Cannons
  • Max Wayne – 6’4″ – Cannons

Who are the Shortest Defenders in the PLL?

There are only 3 guys at the Defender position that are under 6’0″.

  • Ryan Kennedy – 5’10” – Redwoods
  • JT Giles-Harris – 5’10” – Chrome
  • James Barclay – 5’11” – Whipsnakes

Who are the Heaviest Defenders in the PLL?

There are five Defenders listed at 225 pounds or heavier.

  • Graeme Hossack – 230 pounds – Archers
  • Matt McMahon – 225 pounds – Archers
  • Matthew Dunn – 225 pounds – Whipsnakes
  • Michael Manley – 225 pounds – Chrome
  • Jack Kielty – 225 pounds – Cannons

Who are the Lightest Defenders in the PLL?

The two lightest Defenders in the league are both listed at 190 pounds.

  • James Barclay – 190 pounds – Whipsnakes
  • Colin Hinton – 190 pounds – Whipsnakes

Final Thoughts

Defenders, on average, are the biggest players on the field. They’re about an inch taller and 10 pounds heavier than midfielders and even goalies.

Keep in mind that with only 32 players listed as Defenders on PLL rosters, this is a rather small sample size.

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