Best Gifts For Weightlifters

Best Gifts for Weightlifters Broken Down By Budget (2023)

So, you have a nephew or granddaughter that is really into lifting weights and you’d love to surprise them with a weightlifting gift.

The only problem is, you don’t know the first thing about weightlifting or where to even start.

Well, I have great news for you, you’ve landed in the perfect place. My name is Ryan and I’ve been a sports performance coach for 20 years and a weightlifter for even longer. I’m going to give you the perfect gifts to get your weightlifting enthusiast that is going to be so perfect that it’s going to absolutely freak them out.

I’m going to give you eight options total, 2 each for different budget levels – under $20, $20 to $50, $50 to $100 and over $100. Let’s get right to it!

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Weightlifting Gifts under $20

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SPRI Chalk Block 4 Pack

Chalk helps weightlifters maintain their grip on the bar and helps protect their hands from getting torn up and callused.

Even more helpful in the summer months because many weightlifting gyms (and garages) do not have air conditioning.

What Makes It a Great Gift?

I use weightlifting chalk every time I workout. Literally every single time. As you can imagine, I go through chalk at a pretty good clip and usually buy a new block or two a couple of times a year.

I can guarantee you that if you get a weightlifter chalk, they WILL USE IT. Even if their current supply of chalk lasts them a few more months – chalk doesn’t go bad. So, whenever they do run out, they will be using your gift for the next few months (probably even longer with a 4 pack)

The other thing that makes chalk a great gift for a weightlifter is, chalk is chalk. What I mean by that is you don’t have to worry about your gift not being the right brand or the right style, all chalk is essentially the same.

Can’t use chalk at your gym? Here are 5 gym chalk alternatives that can also make great gifts.

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Red Resistance Band

Red Resistance Band From Rogue

Resistance bands come in different sizes and different colors.

Most companies all use the same colors for a certain size of resistance band.

So, red bands are generally the same size from one brand to the next, just like purple and green bands are generally the same size as well.

A Red Resistance Band from Rogue is my second choice for a gift for a weightlifter in this price range.

What Makes It a Great Gift?

Weightlifters use thin red resistance bands for all types of things.

I’m not going to try to explain all the different ways and different exercises these resistance bands can be used for.

Here is what you need to know and what makes this a great gift. I use my thin red resistance band multiple times per week, but here is the issue: resistance bands wear out and eventually will rip and break. Even the highest-quality bands wear out with enough use, that’s just how it goes.

However, that makes your gift perfect! I can ALWAYS use extra resistance bands in my gym because I know it’s just a matter of time before one of them rips. And, I’m sure the weightlifter in your life feels the exact same way.

PLUS, Resistance Bands are great to take when traveling to get workouts done when away from your gym. For more travel gift ideas, check out this list of men’s travel accessories.

Weightlifting Gifts $20 – $50

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Gymreapers Dip Belt

Dip Belts are specially designed weightlifting belts that have a chain that is used to attach extra weight, usually in the form of weight plates.

A Dip Belt allows lifters to easily add extra resistance to exercises like Dips and Pull-ups

What Makes It a Great Gift?

Generally speaking, weightlifters are a pretty frugal bunch. We’re also pretty resourceful. This basically means that we’ll figure out how to do what we want with whatever we have.

For example, we always had Dip Belts in the weight rooms I worked in. They’re awesome.

However, I’ve never had one in my own garage gym. Instead, I’ll use a weight vest or hold a dumbbell with my feet – using whatever I have to get the job done.

Having said that, if someone bought me a Dip Belt… I’d lose my mind! You could wind up being an absolute hero with this gift.

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Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz are molded rubber grips that are designed to fit onto a barbell or dumbbell.

The thicker grip makes the forearms have to work harder. This is great for both improving grip strength and forearm muscle growth.

What Makes It a Great Gift?

Fat Gripz are a super unique piece of strength equipment. This means there is a good chance that the weightlifter in your life doesn’t have a pair.

Grip strength is extremely important for weightlifters and Fat Gripz are extremely versatile and easy to use. You can place them on any barbell or dumbbell and lift just like normal.

Finally, they’re small enough to easily fit in a gym bag. Any weightlifter that goes to a gym has a gym bag filled with their most used accessories and a pair of Fat Gripz can easily become one of them.

Weightlifting Gifts $50 – $100

my pick

Under Armour Gym Bag

Every weightlifter that goes to the gym has a gym bag.

Our gym bags hold clothes, shoes, weightlifting belt, straps, chalk, pre-workout and more.

Bottom line: we carry a lot of stuff with us every day to the gym and a good gym bag is essential.

What Makes It a Great Gift?

Remember earlier when I said weightlifters are a frugal bunch? Well, this is what makes a new gym bag a great gift. Let me explain.

We take a lot of stuff with us to the gym each day. Clothes, shoes and about a half dozen accessories go with us to the gym every day so having a gym bag is non-negotiable. However, we will keep and use our gym bags until they literally fall apart. Even then I’ve seen friends carry gym bags with a giant strip of duct tape or two holding it together.

So, there is a good chance that your weightlifter has a gym bag that is long overdue for being replaced. (Plus they’ll be able to take home all of their other gifts in it too.)

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Blackroll Blackbox Set

This set includes a foam roller, a dual ball and a single ball.

All three are great for muscle recovery and the different sizes of each makes them work better for different parts of the body.

For example, a foam roller really can’t get in the mid-scap area (between the shoulder blades), but the balls can. This makes them work together great as a set.

What Makes It a Great Gift?

Fun fact about weightlifters. We’re always sore. I’m sore right now as I type this. The person you’re giving this to will probably be sore when you give it to them.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you see your gift in action immediately after they open it.

What makes this set particularly great is that each piece of the set is specifically designed for different parts of the body. So, no matter where the soreness is, they’ll be able to work on it.

Weightlifting Gifts over $100

my pick

Nike Romaleos 4

Weightlifting Shoes are an absolute must-have for any weightlifter.

The Nike Romaleos 4 are one of the best weightlifting shoes on the market at the moment.

If you know the shoe size of your weightlifter (or can find out), a pair of weightlifting shoes will blow their mind.

What Makes it a Great Gift?

Weightlifting equipment can be pretty expensive so there are tons of options over $100. The problem is a lot of these items are big, bulky and heavy. Not great for shipping or just for carrying around yourself.

Shoes, however, are a perfect gift. Every serious weightlifter uses weightlifter shoes for every workout.

And while it’s true that we can get attached to our shoes, a new pair of Nike’s (one of the best brands of weightlifting shoe) is an absolutely amazing gift that any weightlifter would be ecstatic to receive.

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Dynamax Medicine Ball

Medicine Balls are extremely versatile pieces of equipment.

Dynamax is considered the gold standard when it comes to medicine ball brands.

Gifting a Dynamax medicine ball will make you look like you really know your stuff.

What Makes It a Great Gift?

Medicine Balls have a ton of uses. You can use them for explosive throws and a handful of different ab exercises.

However, medicine balls (like resistance bands) wear out and tear up over time. So, even if the weightlifter in your life already has a medicine ball, having an extra one is never a bad thing!

Finally, there are lots and lots of cheap medicine balls on the internet, but Dynamax is an amazingly high-quality brand that will make a highly appreciated gift.

Final Thoughts

Buying a gift for a weightlifter is admittedly not easy. There is so much fitness equipment that it can be really hard to know what is good and what is junk.

And, even if you get the correct item there can be a vast difference between a quality brand and a cheap brand that is going to tear up quickly (or not even be quality enough to use).

As a weightlifter my whole life I’m very confident that the items I’ve listed above will be enjoyed and used. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the look of shock as they try to figure out how in the world you knew to get what you did. Don’t worry, I won’t tell!

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