Best Lifting Straps for Beginners

Best Lifting Straps for Beginners (My Top 3 Picks for 2024)

Sooner or later on our lifting journeys, there comes a time when we start to notice other lifters lifting with lifting straps and wonder if we should get a pair too.

The problem is, not only can lifting straps be tricky to get the hang of, there are all kinds of different styles and brands to pick from. The whole process can be confusing and overwhelming.

Don’t worry. I’m going to walk you through the process of getting your first pair of lifting straps. I’ll tell you which are the best lifting straps for beginners, how to properly use them and when you want to use them.

First, which lifting straps are best for beginners?

Because they are the easiest to learn how to use (but still extremely effective), I recommend Warm Body Cold Mind Lasso Straps for most Beginners. If you’re a beginner Olympic Weightlifter, IronMind Sew Easy Straps are my favorite for grip and being able to bail quickly from a miss.

Finally, for powerlifting, Serious Steel Figure 8 Straps will provide the highest level of grip support.

Why Trust My Reviews? I’ve spent 20 years as a collegiate sports performance coach and have been lifting personally even longer. I’ve bought and used equipment for both 14,000 square foot weight rooms and for my own garage gym. Finally, I only review products I’ve personally tested.

Best For Beginners

WBCM Lasso Straps

Lasso Straps are the easiest type of strap to learn how to use and become comfortable with. These WBCM Lasso Straps are excellent quality, comfortable and reasonably priced.

Why Are Warm Body Cold Mind Lasso Straps the Best for Beginners?

Ease of Use

For a beginner using lifting straps for the first time, there is a bit of a learning curve on how to use them to get a secure grip on the bar (or dumbbells). The fact of the matter is a Lasso Strap is the easiest type of lifting strap to learn how to use.

A Lasso Strap is a strap that creates a loop for your wrist to go through. The extra material then wraps around the bar to secure your grip in place. Because you’re able to secure your wrist first, then the bar, it makes it much easier to get a proper setup.

Very Effective For Beginners

Not only are they easy to use, but for beginners, they are going to be very effective for almost any exercise a beginner is going to be doing.

Exercises like barbell shrugs and one-arm rows are perfect for lasso straps. However, you’re not just limited to basic exercises.

WBCM Lasso Straps are effective for weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, etc. They can be used for all types of exercises and they’re very versatile, which is exactly what you need as a beginner.

best for weightlifting
IronMind Sew Easy Strap Square

IronMind Sew Easy Straps

I’ve used multiple weightlifting straps and IronMind’s Sew Easy Straps are my favorite. Weightlifting Straps allow for a quick release for failed lifts, a very important aspect for beginner (and advanced) weightlifters.

IronMind Sew Easy Best Features

Quick Release

Weightlifting straps minimize the amount of the strap that gets wrapped around the bar. This is a very important design element because this allows the strap to be quickly and easily released from the bar.

If a lift is missed, a lifter needs to be able to quickly release from the bar to prevent injury. Think of a missed snatch that falls behind the lifter. If a lifter wasn’t able to detach quickly from the bar it could be catastrophic to the lifter’s shoulders.


I’ve been using these Sew Easy Straps multiple times per week now for a little over two years. Apart from their fit, length and performance, the thing that has really stood out to me has been their durability.

They haven’t shown the slightest sign of getting torn up or worn out. No frayed stitching, no rips, no nothing. They perform just as well today as they did two years ago.

best for powerlifting
Serious Steel Figure 8 Lifting Square

Serious Strength Figure 8 Straps

If you’re going to be getting serious into powerlifting, you may want to consider Serious Strength’s Figure 8 Straps. They’re unbelievably thick, durable and the figure 8 design provides maximum connectedness to the bar for deadlifts.

Serious Strength Figure 8 Best Features

Maximum Grip

There is an old SNL skit where one of the actors goes to deadlift and their arms rip off because of how heavy the weight is.

That is essentially what would have to happen for you to lose your grip with Figure 8 straps. The strap loops around your wrist, around the bar and then loops back around your wrist. You may as well be handcuffed to the bar.

Maximum Thickness and Double Stitching

The straps are made from incredibly thick webbed cotton. The seams are double and cross-stitched. They say that they’ve been tested with over 1000lbs and I don’t doubt that for a second.

You get the sense holding them that you could potentially tow a truck with them. They’re that thick.

Lifting Straps Side by Side

Best Overall
WBCM Lasso Straps

WBCM Lasso Straps

Easiest to Use

Best For Weightlifting
IronMind Sew Easy Strap Square

IronMind Sew Easy Strap

Quick Release Ideal for Weightlifting

Best For Powerlifting
Serious Steel Figure 8 Lifting Square

Serious Steel Figure 8 Straps

Maximum Grip Strength

Lifting Straps FAQ

Should Beginners Use Lifting Straps?

There is nothing wrong with beginners using lifting straps IF they are used appropriately.

Oftentimes, I see beginners get a pair of lifting straps and they start using them for every set of every exercise they can think of. Pull-ups, Rows, Shrugs – if they get a chance to use their straps they do.

This is NOT the proper way to utilize lifting straps.

Using lifting straps for every rep of every possible set will ultimately weaken your natural grip and forearm strength and make you 100% reliant on them.

Straps should be used for two purposes.

First, to help aid your grip for very heavy sets. We always had a rule in our weight room that you couldn’t use lifting straps for shrugs until 405. Anything less than that and it was up to you to hold onto the bar.

Second, to help protect your hands from heavy volume. This particularly pertains to Olympic lifters. If you have a cycle that contains a high number of reps, lifting straps can take some of the stress off your hands and help prevent them from getting completely destroyed.

Final Thoughts

Buying your first set of lifting straps is a big step in all lifter’s journeys and oftentimes the first piece of gear that we buy that is dedicated solely to lifting weights.

Sure, if you don’t get a pair that you love the first time around you can always buy another because lifting straps really aren’t that expensive. However, if you nail it right the first time you may have a pair of straps that are a part of your gym bag for the next decade.

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