DIY Landmine Attachment

DIY Landmine Attachment (w/ Just a Tennis Ball)

From time to time, I love getting some work done on a landmine attachment. They’re great for all kinds of exercises, from single arm jerks to rows and rotational movements.

The problem is, they can be expensive. Some landmine attachments can easily set you back over a hundred bucks.

However, there is a way that you can make your own DIY Landmine Attachment for, well, possibly free if you have a tennis ball laying around. Interested? Sure you are – let’s get started.

Make a DIY Landmine w/ a Tennis Ball

This is a DIY “project” that I’ve been doing way before Garage Gym DIY was a thing. This solution came about when I was working at a smaller school and trying to make a weight room budget stretch as much as possible.

Materials Needed

  • Tennis Ball
  • Sharp knife (preferably a box cutter knife)
  • Barbell

That’s it. No bolting, welding or anything complicated needed at all.

Step 1 – Get a Tennis Ball

Find a tennis ball. If you don’t have one laying around, you can buy a can of 3 balls for two bucks at a big box store.

Step 2 – Cut the Tennis Ball

Closeup of Tennis Ball Cut in Half
Cut the tennis ball about halfway across.

Take a sharp knife – I used a box cutter, but any sharp knife will work – and carefully cut a line into the tennis ball avoiding the seams. The cut is going to be just over half the circumference of the ball.

Step 3 – Attach it to the Bar

Closeup of Tennis Ball on Barbell
Pac-Man is about to get jacked!!!

Push your tennis ball on the end of a barbell. If all has gone according to plan so far, it should look like Pac-Man is about to roll through your bar.

If you can’t get the ball to fit on the bar, you may have to cut it just a bit more. (Most likely won’t even need the knife to open it up a bit more at this point)

Also, in regards to the bar: I like to use an older bar that I don’t mind getting beat up a little bit. Sometimes bars can take funny drops and end up with unintended wear and tear from landmine work. If you have an older bar you can use, I suggest using that one.

Step 4 – Find A Place to Wedge the Bar

Barbell Wedged Between Bumper Plates

Now that you have your ball on the end of your bar, all you need is someplace to put it.

I like to use a couple of 45-pound plates pushed together. If I’m going to be doing something really heavy, I’ll stack two more plates on top to give it extra security.

If you have a good nook in your rack that’s another great spot. The corner of your gym also works. Wedged in between your platform and a stack of weights. You get the point. Any sturdy corner will do.

Finally, I like to set my landmine up on the platform and then stand just off it to use it. This raises the bar up just a bit more which makes for better leverage for most movements.

That’s it.

You just made your own DIY landmine attachment (for free) with nothing more than a tennis ball in probably less than five minutes.

Final Thoughts

Some DIY projects aren’t worth the time and energy compared to how much money you end up saving. Some, like a DIY Platform, end up being way easier than you thought it would be and worth its weight in gold.

This DIY landmine is definitely one of the latter. For basically no money and no time you end up with a landmine ‘attachment’ that works every bit as well as something you could buy.

Stay Strong!


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