Football Dev Strength Program 61

Football Developmental Program – Week 6 Day 1

Before Getting Started

  • Always consult a physician before starting any workout program. Do any of the following workouts at your own risk. Read our full Disclaimers Page here.
  • This is a Developmental Program. Supervision is strongly suggested to use this program.
  • Coach Horton, the creator of this program, has 20 years experience as a Collegiate Strength Coach and Sports Scientist. Learn More
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Week 6 Day 1 Warm-up

Forward Skipx 20 yards
Backwards Skipx 20 yards
Walking High Kickx 10 yards
Quad Pull and Reachx 10 yards
Lateral Groin Skip (Right)x 20 yards
Lateral Groin Skip (Left)x 20 yards
Forward Hip Rotationsx 10 yards
Backwards Hip Rotationsx 10 yards
Stiff Leg Bound2 x 20 yards
3/4 Speed Sprint2 x 20 yards

Week 6 Day 2 Lift

ExerciseSets x Reps
1Single Arm DB Snatch2 x 5
2Clean Pulls4 x 5
3ADB Step-Up3 x 5
3BDB One Arm Row3 x 10
4AFloor Slider Leg Curls3 x 8
4BBand Curls3 x 10
4CToe Touches3 x 25


What are the numbers and letters before the exercise name?

This is the exercise order for the day. Exercises that share the same number and have letters (Ex. 3A and 3B) are meant to be supersetted.

What does the ‘e’ stand for in 5e?

e stands for “each leg” or “each arm”. You’ll see this on single arm and single leg exercises.

What does the “% / lbs” column mean?

This is the percentage of your max prescribed for this set. If this box is empty, select an appropriate weight based on your strength.

Real Results

“When I played at Temple, Coach Horton played a big role in helping me plan my conditioning and nutrition.
His coaching is one of the reasons that I learned how to train and take care of my body properly. I still use a lot of his advice and coaching points in the NFL today.”
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