How Much Does a Hex Bar Cost

How Much Does a Hex Bar Cost? (16 Bars Compared)

In the market for a hex bar? Not looking forward to going to a half dozen different stores (both in-person and online) to do some price comparison shopping?

First, I don’t blame you cause that’s a ton of time and energy.

Second, you don’t need to because I already did.

I went through and picked out 16 different hex bars. These are all bars I’ve used previously – either in my own garage or at one of the colleges I’ve worked at. There are no “duds” in this guide.

Finally, I included a link to each hex bar so you can check its current price (they can always change over time after all), get more info and ultimately purchase if you choose.

And, yes, some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you use these links and make a purchase. If you do, thank you.

Types of Hex Bar

Before we get into prices, let’s break down the three different types of hex bars (or trap bars as they are often referred to as). Not all hex bars are created equally and this is often reflected in the differences in some of the prices.

Hex Bars can vary in weight, length and configuration. So, for the purpose of this guide, I’m going to place each trap bar into one of three categories.

Standard Hex Bar

This is the most common type of hex bar. It’s the version that you’re most likely to see in your big chain sporting goods stores. They’re typically silver (chrome and/or steel) and they are smaller and lighter (and cheaper) than the other versions.

Mega Hex Bar

We always had Hex Bar in the college weight rooms that I worked in. However, there was always one problem with them: They were limited on the amount of weight they could hold.

A typical hex bar can hold around five 45-pound bumper plates on each side and still have room to put a safety clamp on them. While this is more than enough weight for most lifters, it wasn’t enough for the majority of the linemen on our team.

Sorinex (at least they are the first I’m aware of) addressed this problem when they released their MEGA HEX BAR. This bar was bigger, longer in length and could hold considerably more weight. They were also made to be much more compatible with being racked in a squat rack.

Since Sorinex introduced this style of hex bar, other companies have followed suit with their own versions.

Open Hex Bar

The first of these that I saw was by Intek at a Strength Coaches Conference about five or six years ago. With these bars, one side of the hex is open. This design opens the door for more creativity with hex bar exercises which can sometimes be limited.

For example, Reverse Lunges aren’t possible with a standard hex bar but with an Open Hex Bar they most certainly are.

Hex Bar Cost

Now let’s dive into what you came here for. Prices – starting with the Standard Hex Bars first. As I stated previously, these bars will be the most budget-friendly of the three types of trap bar.

Standard Hex Bar Price Comparison
Titan Olympic Hex Weight Bar $149.99 More Info
Titan EZ Load Hex Bar V2 $219.99 More Info
Power Systems Hex Bar $208.00 More Info
Perform Better Olympic Combo Hex Bar $199.95 More Info
Fringe Sport Hex “Trap” Bar $310.00 More Info
Cap Barbell Olympic Trap Bar $119.99* More Info

*Price on Amazon on 9/30/22.

Now let’s move on to the Mega Hex Bars. Yes, these bars are more expensive, but they are also substantially bigger bars. When you see a Standard Bar side-by-side with one of these Mega Bars it’s easy to see where your extra money has gone.

Mega Hex Bar Price Comparison
Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar $395.00 More Info
Rogue TB-1 Trap Bar $325.00 More Info
Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar V3 $329.99 More Info
Power Systems Diamond Pro Hex Barbell $356.95 More Info
Perform Better Mega Trap Bar $349.95 More Info
American Barbell Rackable Hex Bar $310.00 More Info
Sorinex Diamond Bar Double Handle $439.00 More Info

Finally, we have the Open Hex Bars. These bars vary the greatest in price and can start to get a little pricey on high end.

Open Hex Bar Price Comparison
Bells of Steel Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar 3.0 $299.99 More Info
Vulcan Open Hex Bar $549.99 More Info
Intek Modular Functional Bar $695.00 More Info

Don’t Forget Shipping Costs

I’ve listed out for you the cost of each bar, but if you are ordering online don’t forget about shipping costs.

Hex bars are heavy, bulky items and shipping can sometimes be a significant cost. There can also be a significant difference in shipping costs as well depending on how far you live from a particular brand’s warehouse.

Some brands, like Titan, ship everything for free. Definitely something to keep in mind and not overlook.

Final Thoughts

Adding a Hex Bar to your garage gym is something almost all of us do eventually if we’ve had a garage gym long enough.

Hopefully, this guide has saved you some time and given you a good understanding about what the cost of adding a hex bar to your gym is going to be.

Whichever bar you decide to purchase, I hope you get a ton of great lifts out of it! On the other hand, if after reading this guide you’ve decided it’s an awful lot of money just to do one exercise (trap bar deadlift), then you may want to check out these 10 Trap Bar Deadlift Alternatives that you can do in its place.

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