How Much Does a Medicine Ball Cost (24 Med Balls Compared)

Medicine balls are a great addition to any home gym. They can add a ton of variety to your workouts and they unlock a range of exercises that can only be done with a medicine ball.

But, like probably many of you, I always have multiple items on my ‘wish list’ for my garage gym, so cost always becomes one of the factors in what actually gets purchased.

With that being said, exactly how much does a medicine ball cost?

Medicine balls range from $30 to $141, with the average cost of a medicine ball being around $75. The brand, type and weight of the med ball all play large roles in the final cost of a medicine ball.

I was recently in the market for a new medicine ball and researched a ton of brands. I figure the two and a half hours I spent scouring the internet could save someone else a good bit of time so I’m sharing what I found with you here.

So, in this article I’m going to give you price comparisons for 24 different Med Balls and a little unsolicited advice on whether you should get a soft or hard rubber medicine ball (or maybe a slam ball) and finally, what weight works best.

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Cost of Soft Medicine Balls

Stack of Dynamax Med Balls

Soft Medicine Balls, also referred to as Padded Medicine Balls, have a wide range of prices from as low as $50 all the way up $140.

Soft Med Balls are the larger, plush medicine balls that are very popular amongst the CrossFit community – specifically for Wall Balls.

They can vary in weight from as light as 4 pounds all the way up to 30 pounds. To keep things simple for the price comparison though, I’ve stuck with a 20lb medicine ball for two reasons.

First, a 20lb medicine ball is one of the popular weights used for CrossFit workouts.

The other reason is that while many of the brands don’t all carry the same weights across the board, all of them carry a 20lb ball making it easy to compare apples to apples. (the secret third reason is that I was personally looking for a 20lb ball)

20lb Soft Medicine Ball Cost Comparison
BrandMedicine BallCostAvailable At:
TitanSoft Leather Medicine Wall Ball49.99Titan
DynamaxMedicine Ball125.00Power Systems
Power SystemsSpartan Wall Ball123.50Power Systems
TRXKevlar Medicine Ball141.50Power Systems
PB ExtremeSoft Toss Elite Medicine Ball104.95Perform Better
RogueMedicine Balls115.00Rogue
Amazon BasicsTraining Exercise Wall Ball50.73Amazon
Rhino ProMaxMedicine Wall Ball56.04Amazon
Yes4AllWall Ball53.99Amazon
ProsourceFitSoft Medicine Balls59.99Amazon

As you can see from the table above, the prices for medicine balls vary a good bit.

I’ve not used all the balls on this list, but I have used quite a few over the years.

Dynamax for years and years has been considered the gold standard for soft medicine balls. I think we carried Dynamax medicine balls at every school I’ve ever worked at.

At my most recent school, we used PB Extreme and I was really impressed with their durability. Soft medicine balls aren’t necessarily designed for being slammed and thrown against things (as a rep specifically told me on the phone once when I was asking about our warranty)

All the balls that I included were well-rated. Ultimately, I think it comes down to how you plan to use the ball and how durable of a ball you think you really need.

Cost of Hard Rubber Medicine Balls

Hard Rubber Medicine Ball

Hard Rubber Medicine balls cost almost exactly the same as their soft counterparts when you compare the same size ball in the same brand. For the most part, the hard rubber variety came is just a couple dollars more expensive.

Soft Medicine Balls may not be made for slamming, but that’s exactly what hard rubber med balls are made for.

Slamming, tossing, throwing against walls – you can be way more aggressive with a hard rubber ball. (just be careful those slams don’t bounce straight back into your face)

Again, I stuck with a 20lb ball for the price comparisons for the same reasons mentioned above.

20lb Hard Rubber Medicine Ball Cost Comparison
BrandMedicine BallCostAvailable At:
TitanRubber Medicine Ball53.97Titan
Power SystemsBasic Power Medicine Ball100.50Power Systems
Power SystemsMedicine Ball Prime127.50Power Systems
Hammer StrengthMedicine Ball109.50Power Systems
RogueRubber Medicine Ball70.00Rogue
First PlaceElite Medicine Ball98.95Perform Better

To be honest, I’ve used even less of these balls than the soft med balls. Personally, I’ve always been a much bigger fan of the soft med balls.

Really the only hard rubber medicine balls I’ve ever used are the ones made by Power Systems. We had them at a couple of schools as well as the private facility I worked at. They held up great, performed well and I never had any issues with them.

Cost of Slam Balls

Medicine Balls on a Rack

I was a little surprised to find out Slam Balls are a good bit cheaper than both soft and hard rubber med balls. All of the slam balls I looked at were priced well under $100 and over half were less than $50.

Slam balls, relatively speaking, are the newest iteration of medicine balls. These balls are specifically made for, you guessed it, slams.

The idea (I’m assuming here) is that someone designed to take a soft medicine ball, but wrap it in a thick hard rubber shell.

By combining these two features, what you end up with is a ball that can withstand the abuse of being slammed over and over again, but won’t bounce up and break your nose if you’re not paying attention.

The other big difference is these balls come in way heavier sizes. While most medicine balls stop at around 20lbs, slam balls can be 50+ pounds.

20lb Slam Ball Cost Comparison
BrandSlam BallCostAvailable At:
TitanRubber Tread Slam Ball33.97Titan
Power SystemsPremium Slam Ball Prime78.50Power Systems
Power SystemsMEGA Slam Ball Prime53.50Power Systems
RogueEcho Slam Balls80.00Rogue
PB ExtremeJam-Ball48.95Perform Better
BalanceFromSlam Ball30.32Amazon
TRXTraining Slam Ball47.99Amazon
Yes4AllSlam Ball37.35Amazon

Similar to the hard rubber medicine balls, the only slam balls I’ve ever used are the ones made by Power Systems.

I was blown away by the prices of a few of the brands on Amazon. The skeptical part of me is screaming “you get what you pay for”, but they all have excellent reviews on Amazon. May have to try a few out in the near future and do a little comparison.

Final Thoughts on Medicine Ball Prices

As you can see, medicine balls have a pretty large range in terms of price. I only listed medicine balls here that I’ve either used personally, come from very reputable companies or at least have (a lot) of good reviews.

So, which should you buy?

If the primary reason you’re buying a med ball is for wall balls and core exercise, go with a soft medicine ball. If you want a ball for slams, get a slam ball. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of hard rubber med balls so I wouldn’t ever recommend someone else buy one either.

I know I would feel comfortable with any of the 100-ish dollar medicine balls on this list, but I’m also really intrigued by some of the budget-friendly balls as well.

If the ball is just for you in your home gym, I wouldn’t be too concerned about a high quality soft ball tearing up too quickly on you. I’ve watched those PB Extreme balls take an absolute beating (in a weight room with hundreds of athletes) over the past three years and they’re still in great shape.

Hopefully, this article at least cut down your cost-comparison research time by a few hours and now you’re one step closer to figuring out which med ball will be calling your garage gym home soon.

Stay Strong!

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