Iron Mind Sew Easy Straps Review

I recently picked up 6 different sets of lifting straps to see what I would like the best. I got different brands, different sizes and different styles and compared each one by lifting with them over the course of a few months.

One of those were the Sew Easy Straps from Iron Mind. In this review, I’m going to give you the details and specs of the Sew Easy Straps, what sets them apart from the other straps I tested and ultimately, whether I think you should buy a pair.

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Sew Easy Straps Specs

Weightlifting straps are not exactly the most complicated pieces of equipment. There are really only a couple variations amongst straps that you need to take into consideration. Keep in mind, there is really no better or worse with differences in specs, most come down to personal preference.

Iron Mind Sew Easy Straps
Strap Type Closed Loop
Length 21 1/4″
Width 1 1/2″
Available At: Check Price on Amazon

Strap Type: Closed Loop

How To Loop Lifting Straps
Under the bar first, under the bar first…

These Sew Easy Straps are a closed loop lifting strap. What does that mean? Basically, it means that the two ends of the strap have been sewn together to create a “closed loop”.

This makes them a little more advanced than a lasso strap, but much easier to use than open loop straps.

Personally, a closed loop strap is my favorite to use, especially for Olympic Lifting where you need a balance of being locked into the bar while also needing the ability to quickly bail on a lift when necessary.

Length: 21 1/4″

There isn’t a lot of length variation amongst closed loop straps and these are right in that common range of about 21″.

The only thing you may notice when comparing straps is that some may list their length as 10″, but they’re usually measuring the length of the loop (not the full length of the strap) so they’re essentially cutting the length in half. They’re still going to be about the same.

Width: 1 1/2″

This is where you will see a difference between straps, where the two most common widths are 1″ and 1 1/2″.

On the one hand, there is a very noticeable difference between the two and most lifters absolutely have a preference. I much prefer a 1 1/2″ width. The wider strap feels more secure on my wrist and doesn’t feel like it’s cutting into my skin.

On the other hand, that preference is purely personal so I can’t really tell you which you’ll prefer.

Some people will tell you if you have small wrists you want to go with the thinner strap and vice versa. However, I know of countless examples where that’s simply not the case.

Price: 18.95 (at the time of this writing)

Here is what I always say about price when it comes to lifting straps. 99% of all straps will fall somewhere between $10 and $20. If they’re good, you’ll probably use them for at least a decade. This is not the place to try to pinch a few pennies. Get the pair you want.

My Personal Review

6 Different Pairs of Lifting Strap

I’ll start off by saying out of the 7 straps I tested, these were my favorite and the ones I still use the most to this day. They have the perfect combination of comfort and performance. I definitely like the wider width and the material doesn’t dig or cut into my wrist.

They grip the bar great and I always feel completely locked into the bar.

Finally, the material, while comfortable, feels completely indestructible. I’ve been using these straps for over a year now and I have a feeling I’ll be dead and gone before these straps wear out.

Should You Buy Them?

If you’re in the market for a pair of lifting straps (which I’m assuming you are since you’re reading this review), yes, I would highly recommend getting these straps. This is especially true if you’re specifically looking for a pair of weightlifting straps.

I’ve tried a lot of straps over 20 years of working in a weight room, beyond even the 6 that I tried recently. Without a doubt, these are my favorite pair of straps I’ve ever owned.

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