How To Do Plate Pushes

Plate Push (Complete How To Guide w/ Video)

Plate Pushes are basically a poor man’s Prowler Push. If you don’t have an expensive Prowler, but you want the next best thing, Plate Pushes are the answer.

In this guide, I’m going to teach you how to do Prowler Pushes including important coaching tips and a few alternatives.

How To Do Plate Pushes

Equipment Needed

  • Weight Plate
  • Turf (or another compatible surface)

How To

  • Set a weight plate down on the turf.
  • Place your hands toward the side of the plate closest to you, heels of your hands should be just behind the lip of the plate.
  • Extend your arms, flatten your back and brace on the balls of your feet.
  • Keep your arms straight and drive forward with the legs, pushing the plate along the ground.
  • Continue until the designated distance is reached or the time ends.

Coaching Points

The surface you use is the key for Plate Pushes. Ideally, you always want to do Plate Pushes on turf. Other surfaces may not allow for the plates to slide and/or could scuff up your plates pretty badly.

Make sure to watch your hands while doing Plate Pushes. You can get a pretty serious turf burn by allowing your fingers and/or hands to rub along the turf as you push.

How Many Reps?

Plate Pushes are a great finisher at the end of a workout. They also can serve as an excellent competition to finish a workout. I generally program Plate Pushes for distance, not reps. 1 or 2 sets of around 25 yards are usually plenty to get the legs burning.

Plate Push Alternatives

Prowler Push

Prowler Sled

I’ve already mentioned how Plate Push is basically the poor man’s version of Prowler Push so if you have access to an actual Prowler, use it!

Dumbbell Walking Lunge

If you really stop and think about it, Plate Pushes are essentially a bunch of mini lunges while leaning on a plate as you move across the turf.

If you don’t have a good surface to push your plates on, or you’re worried about scuffing up your plates, Dumbbell Lunges can make for a good alternative.

Hill Sprints

Have a hill nearby? Hill Sprints or Stadium Sprints if you have access to a nice tall flight of stairs can make an excellent alternative to Plate Pushes. Hill Sprints will increase leg strength and keep your heart rate up in a hurry.

More Links and Info

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