Protecht Wrist Wraps Review

Protecht Wraps Review from a Strength Coach (2024)

I don’t know how you feel about completing the daily activity rings on your Apple Watch, but admittedly I can be a little psychotic about it. I’ve even been guilty of a few strolls up and down the hallway before bed to get those last few steps to close out each ring for the day.

With that in mind, I’ve always been annoyed by having to take off my watch while I workout. But, when you need to wear wrist wraps the watch ends up having to come off. Then, you miss out on all fitness data – heart rate, steps, calories, etc – from your workout. It’s frustrating.

Recently I tried out Protecht’s Wrist Wraps. These wraps are designed to allow you to be able to keep your watch on while you workout so you don’t miss out on all that precious workout data.

I’ve been wearing my Protecht Wraps for about a month now and, in this review, I’m going to tell you what I liked about the wraps, what I didn’t, and ultimately whether you should give them a try yourself.

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Protecht wrist wraps
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Protecht Wrist Wraps

These wrist wraps are uniquely designed to allow you to be able to wear your fitness wearable watch – Apple Watch, WHOOP, Garmin – while you workout.

You even have full access to your watch screen so you can change your music and keep up with any important notifications without having to check your phone between every set.

Product Specs

Protecht Wrap with Apple Watch

Before we get into my thoughts, let’s go through all the product specs first.

The wraps come in two different styles, basically one with a cutout for your watch and the other a full wrist wrap that looks more like a traditional wrap.

Although you can buy them in any combination, I have (and would recommend) one of each.

They come in two different sizes – Regular and Large. Regular is designed for wrists 5-6.5″ and the Large is for 6.5-8.25″. My wrists are about 7.25″ and the Large fits me perfectly.

You can also add what they call the Protecht Patch which is a thick piece of special rubber that can attach to the wrap and cover the watch.

The width of the strap (at least the Large I have) is just a smidge over 4″. So, it’s going to go up your forearm a pretty good bit. It needs to be wide though for the cutout wrap to be able to accommodate the watch and still be able to have enough support.

What I Liked

First and foremost, the wraps do exactly what they are designed to do. One of the wraps is designed with a cutout that allows for your watch to be able to be accessed while you have them on.

So, not only do the wraps allow you to keep your watch on while you workout with wrist wraps on, but you have full access to your watch face if you want to use it for music, notifications, etc.

After a month of using the wraps, I’ve been impressed with the quality of the materials. The wraps themselves, the stitching, and the velcro all give me the impression that these wraps are going to last me quite a while.

The wrap themselves have a plastic inner layer that is the main support of the wraps themselves. This makes the wraps more rigid than other straps I’ve used. This works great for exercises like Bench Press, Shoulder Press and even Barbell Curls where you want the wrist to stay neutral.

I also like that there is even an extra rubber piece called the Protecht Patch that will attach overtop of your watch which can protect it if you’re doing exercises like Kettlebell Snatches and you’re worried about the bell flipping back and hitting your watch.

What I Didn’t Like

I had two issues with the straps.

The first issue I have is admittedly a minor one. I wish the piece of velcro strap that loops through and secures the wrap was just a little bit longer. I believe this would make the wrap a bit easier to put on.

Having said that, the wraps do start to develop a natural curve the more you wear them and they get easier to get on once you get the hang of them.

The other issue is that the wraps are a little too rigid for me for movements that still require some wrist mobility. For exercises like Cleans and Front Squats the rigidity of the support is a little too much in my opinion.

Can you still wear them for those types of movements? Yes, you can. I just wasn’t a huge fan of them for those particular types of exercises.

Final Thoughts – Buy Or No?

So, would I recommend buying a pair of Protecht Wrist Wraps?

I think for most gym goers they’re a great buy.

Look – if you’re a serious weightlifter or powerlifting, they’re not going to replace your Inzer wraps.

However, for general everyday lifting – presses, pulls, curls, etc – they do exactly what they claim to do. They provide wrist support without you having to take off your watch. You can even fully access your watch as you workout. No checking your phone every set to see if that important text has come through yet or not.

And, because you’re actually getting credit for all those calories burned while you’re working out, no pacing the hallway at the end of the night to close those rings out.

So, if you’ve been looking for a solution for being able to wear your Apple Watch or WHOOP while you workout, these straps are definitely worth a shot.

If you want to check them out for yourself, you can pick up your own pair here.

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