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Push and Pull 150 (Daily Workouts – 032524)

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Push & Pull 150

150 POINTS* of any combination of Deadlift and Bench Press .


  • 135 lbs = 1 point
  • 225 lbs = 2 points
  • 315 lbs = 3 points

You can use any weight you choose for either lift (they do not have to be the same). You can also switch the weight anytime you choose (start heavier and then work lighter or visa versa).

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  1. These are good workouts!!! So when do we know when to switch from deadlift to bench press on push and pull 150?

    1. Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying them! To answer your question, you can switch back and forth whenever you like. I would suggest going back and forth after each set, always leaving a rep or two in the tank so you don’t burn yourself out, but you can attack the workout however you want.