Rogue Rubber Medicine Ball Review

Rogue Rubber Medicine Ball Review (From a Strength Coach)

I’ve been a college sports performance coach for 20 years and have used hundreds of medicine balls over that course of time. This includes all different brands and styles.

Recently, I decided to do my own side-by-side comparison. So, I bought 10 different medicine balls. Some are med balls that I’ve used before and I added in a few more popular medicine balls to try out.

The Rogue Rubber Medicine Ball was one of those ten and (spoiler alert) it ended up being one of my favorites of the whole group.

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In this review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the Rogue Rubber Med Ball so you can make an educated decision about whether it’s a good fit for your own gym.


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Why Trust My Reviews? I’ve spent 20 years as a collegiate sports performance coach and have been lifting personally even longer. I’ve bought and used equipment for both 14,000 square foot weight rooms and for my own garage gym. Finally, I only review products I’ve personally tested.

best medicine ball on a budget
Rogue Hard Rubber Medicine Ball

Rogue Rubber Medicine Ball

Price: A (I paid $50)

Shipping: B- ($36.76 for the group of 3 Rogue Balls. Arrived in 3 Days)

Look: A

Performance: A

Durability: A+

Overall: A


First, let’s just dive into the spec details.

The ball I bought was a 12-pound ball, but this style of ball from Rogue comes in weights from 6 pounds all the way up to 30 pounds.

The diameter of my ball is 9.5″, but the diameter will vary a bit (from 8’5″ to 11.25″) depending on how heavy of a ball you get.

Even at 11.25″ for the 15 to 30-pound balls, the diameter is still a good bit less than the standard 14″ you’ll find on most wall balls. This can make a rubber ball easier to manage for throws and carrying for many people.

Also, unlike many wall balls, Rogue states that this rubber med ball is meant to be used for slams and wall throws.

What I Liked

The look. It’s very minimalistic. All black with small white lettering and a cool geometric design (referred to as tread by Rogue).

It has a good predictable bounce. A good slam will bounce the ball back up to chest height for me making it really easy to knock out a set of rapid-fire slams.

From a durability standpoint, so far so good. I’ve been doing two sets of slams, 4 days a week with this ball for two months now and it hasn’t shown any signs of wearing or cracking.

The price is solid. $50 is much less than the higher-quality wall balls that I tested (even when you include shipping costs). This is why this ball ended up being my favorite budget-friendly option.

What I Didn’t

Came out of the box covered in some kind of grease or oil. Like, a lot.

Did it wear off? Yes. Was it an issue going forward? No. But, it definitely wasn’t pleasant.

Unless this was a rare issue with my ball, be prepared to clean it off immediately after opening.

Final Verdict

If you need a budget-friendly medicine ball, this is the one I recommend.


At $50, it’s a great price for a great-looking medicine that has performed exceptionally well for me so far.

I will say, I do prefer using wall balls over a rubber medicine ball for most of the exercises I do with a medicine ball.

However, in my experience testing and using medicine balls, the budget-friendly wall balls don’t hold up from a performance and durability standpoint.

By going with this Rogue Hard Rubber Ball, you can still get a really good quality medicine ball at a much lower price point.

To see their most recent pricing and/or to purchase your own Rogue Rubber Medicine Ball, head over to the Rogue website here.

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