Titan Rubber Slam Ball Review

Titan Rubber Slam Ball Review (From a Strength Coach)

I’ve used quite a few brands of medicine balls over 20 years of working in college weight rooms.

Recently, I decided to do my own side-by-side comparison. So, I bought 10 different medicine balls. Some are med balls that I’ve used before and I added in a few more popular medicine balls to try out.

The Titan Rubber Slam Ball was one of those ten and, overall, has performed rather well – especially considering the price.

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In this review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the Titan Slam Ball so you can make an educated decision about whether it’s a good fit for your own gym.

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Why Trust My Reviews? I’ve spent 20 years as a collegiate sports performance coach and have been lifting personally even longer. I’ve bought and used equipment for both 14,000 square foot weight rooms and for my own garage gym. Finally, I only review products I’ve personally tested.

top choice for a second ball
Titan Slam Medicine Ball

Titan Slam Ball

Price: A (I paid $42.97)

Shipping: B- (Titan ships everything Free. Arrived in 11 Days)

Look: A

Performance: B

Durability: A+

Overall: A-


First, let’s quickly go over some of the spec details of this Titan Rubber Slam Ball.

I bought a 30-pound ball, but they range in weight from 10 pounds all the way to 60 pounds.

Depending on the weight of ball you get, the diameter will range anywhere from 9 to 11 inches in diameter. This is narrower than a typical wall ball that is 14 inches.

The ball has a textured rubberized exterior shell that’s built to withstand all the slams and throws you want to, well, throw at it… or to it I guess.

Titan doesn’t specify or mention this, but the inside sounds and feels like it is filled with sand. However, as I’ll go over in a second, it’s not completely filled up (at least my size ball was not) which leads to some sand shifting when being thrown.

Finally, being a slam ball, this ball is not going to bounce when slammed. Like, at all. It’s going to land how you would expect a bag of sand to land if thrown on the ground.


The all-black look is sharp. There is a thin strip that has the Titan name on it (which doesn’t look bad at all), but overall the design is very sleek and minimal.

The price is amazing. It’s almost a third of what the other slam ball cost me. Actually, when you consider Titan’s free shipping it pretty much was a third of the total price.

From a durability standpoint, this ball has been a tank. Takes every slam like a champ. No cracks or really even scuffs to speak of as of 600 slams and counting.


The ball has a large diameter, at least compared to the Echo ball (still smaller than a wall ball though). I don’t mind the size of the ball, but because it’s larger the sand on the inside shifts around a good bit because it doesn’t fill up in the interior of the ball.

So, when you slam the ball, as you start bringing your arms down the sand will shift toward the front of the ball away from the body. Not the end of the world, but its not optimal in my opinion.

Titan’s shipping was free, but the two med balls I bought did take (by far) the longest to show up. If you’re a patient person and/or not in a rush to get your ball, then this isn’t really much of a con at all and therefore the “free” part of the shipping is even better.

Final Verdict

Slam Balls don’t have the level of versatility that a wall ball or rubber ball has. I wouldn’t throw this ball against a wall for example.

But, if you want to get a second medicine ball just for slams to take a lot of the pounding and wear and tear off of your primary medicine ball, this Titan Slam Ball is a great option.

It’s a great price and has shown so far to be extremely durable. And, as the name suggests, is literally built to be slammed.

Medicine Ball Review Process

So, how exactly did I “review” this slam ball? Well, by slamming it… a lot.

I received all the medicine balls I bought at the beginning of December. I’ve been slamming each medicine ball for two sets of 10, 4 times a week since then. At the time of me writing this each ball has logged over 600 slams.

I’m going to continue slamming each ball until either one of them gives up (busts open) or until the tendonitis in my shoulder which I’m almost sure is from the excessive amount of slams I’ve been doing makes me end my ‘testing’.

I’ll continue to update each medicine ball review as needed as I go.

If you’d like to purchase your own Titan Rubber Slam Ball, go to Titan’s website here.

And, finally, follow this link if you’d like to see my full review of all ten medicine balls.

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