Titan T3 vs T2

Titan T3 vs Titan T2 (Which Rack is Better For a Home Gym?)

The Titan T3 and the Titan T2 are two very popular home gym squat racks.

The problem is, that wading through squat rack specs can sometimes feel like trying to read a foreign language. This can make it hard to decide which of these two racks is the best fit for you and your home gym.

In this article, I break down the similarities and differences, in plain English, so that you can make an informed decision on which squat rack is going to be the centerpiece of your Iron Mecca.

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T3 vs T2: Specs

First things first. Let’s take a look at the exact specs of each rack so we can get a quick view of how the two racks stack up against one another. Want more explanation on what each spec means? Read Squat Rack Specs Explained.

T3 Specs vs T2 Specs
Height Options82″ & 91″71″ & 83″
Depth Options24″ & 36″26″
Optional Plate Holders?YesNo
Steel Gauge1112
Upright Size2 x 32 x 2
Hole SpacingWestside2″
Weight Capacity1100850
Bolt Down Capable?Yes, recommendedYes
Pull-Up Bars?Regular & FatRegular
Price**$439 – $649$359 – $379
Product PageTitan T3Titan T2

**Prices of the racks vary depending on height, depth and optional add-ons.

Love comparing squat rack specs? I built a filterable squat rack database with the complete specs of over 100 squat racks.

Titan T3 and T2 Similarities

For two racks made by the company that aren’t that far apart, there isn’t very many specs that are the same either.

They both come with a regular pull-up bar, although the T3 comes with both a regular and fat-grip pull-up. Both racks are able to be bolted down.

Other than that a couple of the height and depth options are pretty close to one another, but that’s about where the similarities end.

While this isn’t necessarily a spec, because both racks are from Titan, both will come with free shipping.

What is the Difference Between a Titan T3 and T2?

Titan T3 Power Rack

Quite a bit.

If I had to sum up the differences, the Titan T3 is a bigger, thicker, more heavy-duty power rack. Pretty much every difference between the two racks is going to support that main fact.

Upright Size and Steel Gauge

The T3 has bigger and thicker steel. It has 2 x 3 uprights, compared to the 2 x 2 of the T2. It also has 11 gauge steel which is a little thicker than the 12 gauge steel of the T2.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to the upright size. Not only is a 2 x 3 rack stronger but there are a lot more rack attachments built to fit a 2 x 3 rack compared to a 2 x 2. Definitely something to consider if you want a dip rack attachment or something similar.

Hole Spacing

Because of the thicker, stronger steel, it’s not surprising that the weight capacity is higher in the T3. It also allows for Westside hole spacing which gives way more options to get the bar height you want for bench press. The T2 has 2″ hole spacing throughout.

Finally, the T3 gives you the option to add weight plate holders if you choose and the T2 does not.


With all of these differences, it makes sense that the T3 is more expensive than the T2, but it’s actually not a huge difference.

Besides the fact that I wanted all the bigger, more durable features that I just outlined, I thought the price of the T3 was pretty amazing considering that it’s a better rack across the board compared to the T2.

In fact, I think the T3 is the best squat rack you can find anywhere for under $500.

Which is Better For a Home Gym: T3 or T2?

Both the Titan T3 and T2 are great home gym racks.

Whether the T3 or T2 is better for your home gym really comes down to how much are you going to ask of your rack and how much money are you comfortable spending.

The T3 is hands down the stronger, more heavy-duty of the two racks. Having said that, for the overwhelming majority of lifters, the T2 is going to be more than strong enough.

After all, the T2 has a state weight capacity of 850 pounds. Do you squat more than 850 pounds? No? Then you’ll probably be fine with the T2.

Why I Chose the Titan T3

Titan T3 Power Rack with Barbell
My Titan T3 Power Rack

So, why did I go with the T3 for my own garage gym?

For starters, I wanted to taller 91″ option that the T3 offers so I could do pull-ups. I’m 6’4 and an 82″ rack just wasn’t going to cut it.

Second, even though the T2 is technically strong enough, I liked having something a little bigger and stronger.

And finally, the addition of the fat-bar pull-up bar and the Westside hole spacing were both nice added bonuses.

All of this for less than an extra $200 seemed well worth it to me. I don’t plan on ever needing to buy another power rack and so I’d rather spend a little extra the first time and get something I was going to be happy with for the long haul.

Final Thoughts: T3 vs T2

Both are great racks.

Hopefully, after reading through this article and getting a close look at the similarities and differences between the two, you now have a clearer picture of which squat rack is going to work best for you.

Still not sure?

I recommend taking a look at my ten best squat racks for a home gym to give you more great options to choose from. (FYI, the Titan T3 is one of those ten)

Stay Strong!

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