Titan Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar Review

A pull-up bar is a piece of equipment that almost all of us are going to want in our garage gyms sooner or later. Some racks already come outfitted with a pull-up bar. Since I made my Squat Stand myself, that wasn’t an option. Doorway pull-up attachments are popular, but really limited especially when it comes to height.

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I bought myself a Titan Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar. It was a great price and shipped fast (and free!). With the right tools, the installation was pretty simple and quick. The quality of the brackets and pull-up bar met my every expectation. It is solid steel and supports my weight (250lbs) doing pull-ups without a budge.

If you’re looking for a pull-up option in your garage gym, I’d highly recommend this Wall Mounted Pull-Up setup from Titan.

Now let’s take a deeper review of some of the details of this Titan Pull-Up Bar.


This is the second time I’ve purchased from Titan. Admittedly the first time wasn’t a great shipping experience. It was the summer of 2020. I ordered a pair of 25lb bumpers. I went through a backorder situation and then I’m pretty sure my order was lost and forgotten about. When I called to check in on it, my order was “shipping soon”. All in all, my bumpers arrived about 4 months after I ordered them.

I chalked that up to the summer of 2020 being a total disaster and gave Titan another shot. I’m really glad I did.

First off, Titan ships everything for free. Everything. For. Free. That’s pretty unbelievable for gym equipment. Considering the sheer weight and size of some of the stuff they ship, I can’t imagine how much they eat in shipping costs.

I made my order on the 16th. It shipped on the 17th. It arrived on the 19th. A 23-pound Pull-Up Bar that comes in a rather large box. Did I mention it was free shipping? Amazing.


The first thing I evaluate with any piece of equipment is whether or not it makes sense for me to build it myself. I have four rules that I live by when it comes to whether to buy a piece of equipment or build it myself.

Not surprisingly, one of those rules involves cost. When I looked at how much it would cost for me to buy all the materials to build my own pull-up bar, the Titan Wall Mount became the obvious choice. At just over $50 this Pull-Up Bar is an absolute steal.

I haven’t even mentioned all the extra time and effort planning and installing a DIY pull-up option.

When you can purchase a piece of equipment that arrives at your door at the same price (maybe even less) than it would cost you to build it yourself, don’t make things hard on yourself for no reason. Buy that piece of equipment.


Whenever I get something for “a really good deal”, I always worry about the quality. I’m sure this is most of us. There’s usually a reason why something is cheap and many times, it’s because it’s cheap.

This is not at all the case with this Pull-Up Mount. It’s not made of thin, flimsy steel. It’s heavy. It is solid steel and feels very well made. I have confidence that this thing is going to last as long as my garage gym does.


Installation was relatively easy. The bar is shipped in three main pieces, the two brackets and the horizontal bar. 6 Lag Bolts are included (3 for each bracket) to put it on the wall as well as 6 anchors if you choose to use them (I did not). Finally, there are a few screws to wedge the horizontal bar in place against the brackets.

The installation “instruction book” is basically one page. While you don’t really need much more than that, if you a more in-depth install instruction guide I have you covered. How to Install the Titan Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted pull-up bar option, grab this Titan Bar and don’t think twice. I don’t see any reason why someone wouldn’t love this pull-up bar.

The shipping is awesome. The price is great. Quality is solid and installation is straightforward. What’s not to love?

Stay Strong!

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