Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps Review

Warm Body Cold Mind Weightlifting Straps Review

I’ve tried and tested over a dozen different lifting straps over 20 years of weightlifting, including different brands and different styles.

These weightlifting straps from Warm Body Cold Mind have become my new “go-to” weightlifting strap.

In this review, I’ll tell you why they’re my new favorite weightlifting strap and even who I would recommend to get something different.

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Why Trust My Reviews? I’ve spent 20 years as a collegiate sports performance coach and have been lifting personally even longer. I’ve bought and used equipment for both 14,000 square foot weight rooms and for my own garage gym. Finally, I only review products I’ve personally tested.

WBCM Lifting Straps Quick Review

Warm Body Cold Mind straps

WBCM Lifting Strap Overview

  • Closed-Loop/Lasso Hybrid Style, 1.25″ Wide, 13″ Long
  • Heavy Duty Cotton
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Performance: A+
  • Ease of Use: B+
  • Durability: A*

*I’ve only been using these straps for a few months, but so far so good.

Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Strap Specs

Weightlifting straps are not exactly the most complicated pieces of equipment. There are really only a couple of strap measurements that you need to take into consideration.

Keep in mind, there is really no better or worse with differences in specs, most come down to personal preference.

Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps
Strap TypeClosed Loop-Lasso Hybrid
Width1 1/4″

Strap Type: Hybrid

This is what makes the Warm Body Cold Mind Strap so unique and, in my opinion, a superior style of strap.

There are typically four different types of lifting strap, with the Lasso style being the most common and the most beginner friendly. Lasso straps also allow you really clamp down on a bar, but this can actually be a detriment to Olympic lifting where you often need to be able to quickly release the bar on a miss.

Closed Loop straps are the type of strap generally used by Olympic lifters (when they use straps). They don’t wrap as fully around the bar, but they allow for a quick release of the bar when necessary.

The WBCM Straps are essentially the best of both worlds. They are a closed loop strap, but with an additional length of strap to get a full loop around the bar. This allows you to get maximum grip on the bar while also being able to quick-release on a missed lift.

Length: 13″

The straps are 13″ long – from the apex of the loop on one end to the end of the strap at the other. The loop makes up roughly 6″ and the additional strap the other 7″.

Width: 1 1/4″

1 1/4″ is slightly more narrow than most lifting straps – both Lasso and Closed Loop. The majority of straps that I’ve used in the past have been 1 1/2″ wide.

It’s not a big notable difference – it took me a while before I realized they were narrower – but something worth taking into account.


I always say the same thing when it comes to the price of lifting straps. Most weightlifting straps are going to fall between $10 and $20 and these are no different. Get the pair you want.

A good pair of lifting straps will last you years and years.

My previous pair of lifting straps lasted me about 10 years. When you take that into account, is it really worth trying to save (literally) a couple of bucks instead of getting the pair you really want?

No. Don’t worry about the price here.

My Personal Review

WBCM Weightlifting Straps

When it comes to weightlifting straps (in my opinion of course) there are 3 categories that they should be rated in:

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Comfort


Basically, do they work?

Lifting straps are meant to do one thing, help the lifter hold onto the bar.

In that regard, these Warm Body Cold Mind Straps do an incredible job. I feel like I can get more grip on the bar with these straps than any other closed-loop strap I’ve ever used.

As I mentioned earlier, even with the extra grip, I’ve still been able to quickly release the bar and bail on a lift if I’ve needed to.


Durability is honestly tough for me to say because, as I mentioned earlier, a good pair of straps will last for years – plural.

So, having only had these straps for a few months I can’t fully say just how good their durability actually is.

What I can say is they seem to be made of high-quality materials (heavy duty cotton) and are well-made. And, after a couple of months, I’ve had zero issues with them.


While Comfort is a distant third in terms of what I personally care about with a pair of straps, I understand that not everyone is okay with their lifting straps leaving marks on their wrists where the strap is digging into them (been there, done that).

These straps are comfortable to use. They’re a little stiff at first and take a few lifts to ‘mold’ themselves to your wrist, but that’s really no different than any other pair of quality straps that I’ve used in the past.

Should You Buy Them?

This is the real purpose of checking out reviews, right?

To have someone with knowledge, expertise and first-hand experience with the product to give you insight on whether something is a good buy or a waste of money.

Well, I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to buy a pair of weightlifting straps to get a pair of Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps.

They’re well-priced, perform great, are easy to use and seem to be (in my limited use so far) very durable.

The only person I would be slightly hesitant about is the beginner who is buying (and using) their first pair of lifting straps. I believe a Lasso strap is the easiest for a complete beginner to use and get the hang of.

For that reason only, if you’re a beginner and do not plan on doing a lot of Olympic lifts, consider checking out a quality Lasso strap.

If you are interested in picking up your own pair, you can find them at WarmBody-ColdMind.com here.

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