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Ryan Horton

Coach Ryan Horton is the owner and operator of Horton Barbell.

Prior to starting Horton Barbell, Coach Horton spent 3 years as the Director of Applied Sports Science with the Georgia Tech football team. There he ran the Catapult system to help maximize off-season and in-season training and practice plans. He also oversaw the sleep program using Oura Rings.

He worked with the football coaches, strength and conditioning, athletic training and the nutrition staff to help make data-driven decisions to optimize player performance.

Prior to Georgia Tech, Coach Horton spent two years at Temple University with the football team, working in the weight room as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as running the Catapult system.

Coach Horton has also spent time at Elon University as the Director of Strength and Conditioning along with stops at the University of Tennessee, Florida International University and Elkin Sports Performance.

He has worked with numerous athletes and sports including football, basketball, volleyball and track and field. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and was a four-year letter winner and captain of the football team at Otterbein College.

I’ve had the opportunity to work at some amazing places like the University of Tennessee, FIU, Elkin Sports Performance (a training facility in Richmond, VA), Elon, Temple and Georgia Tech.

I’ve been a part of conference championship teams and bowl games and I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of future pro athletes.

I love strength and conditioning and the role it can play in helping athletes maximize their athletic potential and accomplish their athletic goals and aspirations. Seeing hard work pay off on gameday is what has continued to drive me for almost two decades.

Horton Barbell is my way of trying to pay forward some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the course of my career to other coaches wanting to learn and to athletes that are trying to better themselves.


Christian Gangitano

Christian Gangitano has 6 years of experience coaching collegiate sports performance. He coached field and court sports athletes at Longwood University, University of Richmond, and Elon University.

While at Longwood University, he primarily trained Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Women’s Tennis, and Cheerleading.

While at the University of Richmond, he primarily assisted with football and Men’s Lacrosse training. He also designed and implemented mobility programs for Offensive Linemen.

While at Elon University, he trained Football, Baseball, Softball, Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Golf, and Women’s Soccer.

Christian’s training philosophy revolves around training the athlete first and sport specificity second. Each individual athlete comes with their own unique history and readiness for training. Program design and implementation must be in conjunction with the sports coach, sports medicine staff, and medical staff to ensure enhanced performance with minimized risk of injury.

Christian’s programs and methodology increased strength, power outputs, enhanced speed, and helped athletes stay resilient to injury.