DIY Projects

Gym equipment can be crazy expensive. Sometimes building your own stuff is a great solution to make your budget stretch. I’m by no means a master craftsman. If I can pull these projects off, so can you.

DIY Lifting Platform

DIY Lifting Platform

One of the easiest DIY Builds I’ve had (once I got the materials home). It’s also probably my favorite build as well.

Build a DIY Squat Rack

DIY Squat Rack

The first squat rack in my gym was my own DIY build. Used it (and loved it) for over a year until I bought my Titan T3.

DIY Landmine Attachment

DIY Landmine

Make your own Landmine Attachment with nothing more than a tennis ball.

DIY Horizontal Bumper Plate Storage

Horizontal Bumper Plate Storage

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a bumper plate storage rack.

DIY Garage Gym Storage Shelves

DIY Storage Shelves

How to build a super simple set of storage shelves.


Deadlift Jack

Deadlift Jacks are awesome, but expensive. Here are cheap (and easy) solutions.