Garage Gym Tips

I’ve poured a ton of info here into all things garage gym related. You’ll find lots of answers to questions on equipment including how to find quality equipment and how to take of it once you have it.

How To Remove Rust From a Barbell

How To Clean Rust Off a Barbell

Step by step guide on the best way to completely remove all the rust off your barbell.

How to Keep Your Garage Gym Cool in the Summer

How To Keep Garage Gym Cool

Tips and tricks on the best ways to keep your garage gym cool in the summer.

How Long Do Bumper Plates Last

How Long Do Bumper Plates Last?

Bumper plates are expensive, but quality plates can last you a long time.

Best Pull Up Bar Diameter

Best Diameter For Pull-Up Bar

Pull-ups Bar sizes are more standardized than you might expect. Learn what size pull-up bars you’ll find on most equipment.


How To Use Lifting Straps

Just getting started with lifting straps? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use weightlifting straps.

How Much Does a Hex Bar Cost

How Much Does a Hex Bar Weigh?

Most bars weigh relatively the same weight… except hex bars.

How To Get The Smell Out of Horse Stall Mats

How To Get The Smell Out of Mats

Horse Stall Mats smell awful when you first get them. Here are some ways to help get the smell out.

How To Hang Gym Rings at Home

How To Hang Gym Rings at Home

5 different ways to hang your gym rings.

Will Gym Equipment Rust In a Garage

Will Gym Equipment Rust in a Garage?

Yes. Gym equipment can and will rust in a garage, but there are ways you can prevent it.

How Much Do Dumbbells Cost

How Much Do Dumbbells Cost?

Dumbbells can range in price depending on type and brand. Here are costs of 17 different varieties.

Wear Your Apple Watch with Lifting Straps

Wearing an Apple Watch w/Lifting Straps

3 different ways you can wear your Apple Watch with lifting straps.

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