Tight End 3-Cone Times NFL Combine

Fastest Tight End 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine History

I’ve always loved the NFL Combine. A series of events to evaluate the physical characteristics of the best college football players each year. It’s basically an Olympic decathlon for potential NFL Rookies.

Some may call it overrated, and that’s debatable, but you definitely get some insight into each guy’s speed, explosiveness, ability to change direction, etc.

When I train players for the combine, one of the things we always do is look at previous years’ results to see how we stack up. It is a great tool for goal-setting and motivation.

This guide is simply me sharing this information with you. I went through all the previous NFL Combines to find the top Tight End 3-Cone Drill (also called L-Drill) performances of all time.

Note: These are the official NFL Combine times from NFL.com. Some resources online will also include pro-day numbers, but because there are so many other variables with pro-day numbers (surface, traction, weather, etc) I’ve stuck strictly to the official reps from Indianapolis.

Fastest Tight End 3-Cone Drills All-Time

Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine History
Player School Time Year
Dennis Pitta BYU 6.72 2010
Drake Dunsmore Northwestern 6.73 2012
Mike Gesicki Penn State 6.76 2018
James Hanna Oklahoma 6.76 2012
Adam Trautman Dayton 6.78 2020
Derek Fine Kansas 6.80 2008
Noah Fant Iowa 6.81 2019
Garrett Mills Tulsa 6.81 2006
Tony Scheffler Western Michigan 6.81 2006
Jordan Cameron USC 6.82 2011

Year By Year Top Tight End 3-Cone Times

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 3-Cone times from each year going back to 2012. In addition to the top 5 each year, I’ve also included any tight end that ran a 7.00 or less.

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Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2022
Player School Time Year
Austin Allen Nebraska 7.00 2022
Chase Allen Iowa State 7.03 2022
Jake Ferguson Wisconsin 7.03 2022
Greg Dulcich UCLA 7.05 2022
Daniel Bellinger San Diego State 7.05 2022


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2020
Player School Time Year
Adam Trautman Dayton 6.78 2020
Charlie Taumoepeau Portland State 7.00 2020
Dalton Keene Virginia Tech 7.07 2020
Hunter Bryant Washington 7.08 2020
Josiah Deguara Cincinnati 7.15 2020
Colby Parkinson Stanford 7.15 2020


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2019
Player School Time Year
Noah Fant Iowa 6.81 2019
TJ Hockenson Iowa 7.02 2019
Kaden Smith Stanford 7.08 2019
Dawson Knox Ole Miss 7.12 2019
Dax Raymond Utah State 7.15 2019
Drew Sample Washington 7.15 2019


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2018
Player School Time Year
Mike Gesicki Penn State 6.76 2018
Dalton Schultz Stanford 7.00 2018
Will Dissly Washington 7.07 2018
Tyler Conklin Central Michigan 7.13 2018
Ryan Izzo Florida State 7.15 2018
Ian Thomas Indiana 7.15 2018


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2017
Player School Time Year
OJ Howard Alabama 6.85 2017
Evan Engram Ole Miss 6.92 2017
David Njoku Miami 6.97 2017
Gerald Everett South Alabama 6.99 2017
Michael Roberts Toledo 7.05 2017


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2016
Player School Time Year
Termarrick Hemingway South Carolina State 6.88 2016
Ben Braunecker Harvard 6.90 2016
David Morgan Texas San Antonio 6.93 2016
Thomas Duarte UCLA 6.97 2016
Austin Hooper Stanford 7.00 2016
Ryan Malleck Virginia Tech 7.00 2016


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2015
Player School Time Year
Blake Bell Oklahoma 6.85 2015
Nick Boyle Delaware 7.13 2015
MyCole Pruitt Southern Illinois 7.25 2015
Wes Saxton South Alabama 7.29 2015
Maxx Williams Minnesota 7.30 2015


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2014
Player School Time Year
CJ Fiedorowicz Iowa 7.10 2014
Jordan Najvar Baylor 7.14 2014
Reggie Jordan Missouri Western 7.22 2014
Marcel Jensen Fresno State 7.38 2014
Arthur Lynch Georgia 7.38 2014


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2013
Player School Time Year
Tyler Eifert Notre Dame 6.92 2013
Gavin Escobar San Diego State 7.07 2013
Zach Ertz Stanford 7.08 2013
Chris Gragg Arkansas 7.08 2013
Vance McDonald Rice 7.08 2013


Fastest TE 3-Cone Times in NFL Combine 2012
Player School Time Year
James Hanna Oklahoma 6.76 2012
Michael Egnew Missouri 7.03 2012
Dwayne Allen Clemson 7.12 2012
Ladarius Green Louisiana-Lafayette 7.12 2012
David Paulson Oregon 7.18 2012

Additional Tight End Results

In addition to the 3-Cone, I’ve compiled similar results for the following Combine events:

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that not everyone that gets invited to the NFL Combine actually participates in the 3-Cone Drill. So, some players that potentially could put up a great time don’t have an official number on the record.

On top of that, there are many players each year that would have put up big numbers that don’t receive an NFL Combine invite. I’ve been at many a pro day where we had guys who put up numbers that would have put them right at the top of the rankings.



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