Average Height and Weight of Hockey Goalies (NHL 2023)

Average Height and Weight of NHL Goalies

I’ve been a collegiate sports performance coach for 20 years. One thing I always felt was effective was showing guys the heights and weights of players at their position in the pros.

It helped give many players the extra motivation needed to gain weight when they were able to compare themselves to guys at the next level.

So, this is essentially the same research I would share with players, but now I’m sharing it with you. I took the active rosters for the 2022-2023 NHL hockey season, over 800 players total and broke them down by position.

For this guide, I took an average of the heights and weights of the 72 goalies across the league. In addition, just for fun, I listed the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest goalies as well. Go ahead and impress someone today with your newfound random hockey knowledge.

Average Height of an NHL Goalie

The average height of an NHL Goalie is 74.68 inches (just under 6’3″ tall)

Average Weight of an NHL Goalie

The average weight of an NHL Forward is 199.89 pounds.

Who Are The Tallest Goalies in the NHL?

There are three players all listed at 6’6″, the tallest of any goalie in the league.

Tallest Goalies in the NHL
Player Height Position Team
Jacob Markstrom 6’6″ Goalie Calgary Flames
Anthony Stolarz 6’6″ Goalie Anaheim Ducks
Magnus Hellberg 6’6″ Goalie Detroit Red Wings

Who are the Shortest Goalies in the NHL?

There are only 3 goalies in the league listed under six foot tall.

Shortest Goalies in the NHL
Player Height Position Team
Jaroslav Halak 5’11” Goalie New York Rangers
Alex Stalock 5’11” Goalie Chicago Blackhawks
Juuse Saros 5’11” Goalie Nashville Predators

Who are the Heaviest Goalies in the NHL?

There are 5 goalies in the NHL that weigh over 220 pounds.

Heaviest Goalies in the NHL
Player Weight Position Team
Anthony Stolarz 243 Goalie Anaheim Ducks
Frederik Andersen 238 Goalie Carolina Hurricanes
Mackenzie Blackwood 225 Goalie New Jersey Devils
Karel Vejmelka 224 Goalie Arizona Coyotes
Brian Elliott 221 Goalie Tampa Bay Lightning

Who are the Lightest Goalies in the NHL?

There are only 3 guys who weigh less than 175 pounds.

Lightest Goalies in the NHL
Player Weight Position Team
Alex Stalock 170 Goalie Chicago Blackhawks
Jordan Binnington 172 Goalie St Louis Blues
Jaxson Stauber 174 Goalie Chicago Blackhawks

Final Thoughts

So, what did I learn?

In a position where size (especially length) would seem to be an advantage, there are still guys of all different sizes excelling.

Admittedly, there are no 5’7″ or 5’8″ guys that you see playing forward and even defenseman. However, Alex Stalock who has been in the league for over a decade is getting it done at only 5’11” and 170 pounds. That’s pretty impressive!

I’m always fascinated by the range of body types that play the same positions. You find it in sports like football and basketball and you see it here in hockey as well. Guys that are over half a foot different in height (from 6’6″ to 5’11”) and 70 pounds in weight (170 to 243) are all playing the same position at the very highest level.

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