Average Size of College Football Players

Average Size of College Football Players (by Position)

I’ve been a collegiate sports performance coach for 20 years. One thing I always loved doing was going through and checking out the sizes of the other teams in our conference.

It helped give me (and our staff) an idea of how we stacked up against our competition. It also could be used as motivation with our team both during the season and, often, during the following off-season.

So, this is essentially the same research I’ve always done, but now I’m sharing it with you. I took starting depth charts for each team in the FBS (a total of over 3000 players) going into the 2023 season and broke them down by position.

For this guide, I took an average of the heights and weights of each position across college football. In addition, just out of my own personal curiosity, I broke down the sizes of players by conference.

Go ahead and impress someone today with your trivia bona fides.

Average Height for a College Football Player

The average college football player, across all positions, is 73.94 inches (just under 6’2″).

Average Height of College Football Players
PositionHeight (inches)Height (feet/inches*)
Quarterback74.316’2 1/4″
Running Back70.525’10 1/2″
Wide Receiver72.766’0 3/4″
Tight End76.496’4 1/2″
Offensive Line76.486’4 1/2″
Defensive Line74.976’3″
Linebacker73.686’1 3/4″
Safety72.316’0 1/4″

*Rounded to the nearest quarter-inch

Average Weight of a College Football Player

The average college football player, across all positions, is 237.41 pounds.

Average Weight of College Football Players
NameWeight (pounds)
Running Back205.38
Wide Receiver193.26
Tight End245.02
Offensive Line309.88
Defensive Line279.07
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Who Are the Tallest Players in College Football?

There are some insanely tall guys walking around college football fields. There are 8 guys that are an incredible 6’9″ or taller.

Probably not surprisingly, they’re all Offensive Linemen – 7 Tackles and 1 Center.

Teddy ProchazkaOT6’10”325Nebraska
Devon ManuelOT6’9″310Arkansas
Christian JonesOT6’9″315San Diego St
Xavior GrayOT6’9″310Liberty
Travis BurkeOT6’9″290FIU
Bryce BenhartOT6’9″315Nebraska
Tyler MillerOT6’9″316Iowa St
Hampton ErgleC6’9″305East Carolina

Who Are the Shortest Players in College Football?

Out of the 3000+ College Football starters, there are only 10 guys that are 5’7″ or shorter – a handful of Wide Receivers and Running Backs and a Kicker.

Robert Briggs JrRB5’6″185Utah St
Jerry RiceK5’7″168East Carolina
Amin HassanRB5’7″176Navy
Tylan HinesRB5’7″175Hawaii
Kairee RobinsonRB5’7″195San Jose St
La’Damian WebbRB5’7″208South Alabama
Smoke HarrisWR5’7″183La Tech
Tyrin SmithWR5’7″170UTEP
Erik BrooksWR5’7″171Fresno St
Terrell VaughnWR5’7″175Utah St

Who are the Heaviest Players in College Football?

I went through height and weight data for about a week and this number might be the most interesting of all of them.

There are over 600 players (remember, I just took FBS starters*) listed at 300 pounds or more. That’s almost 20% of all the players I pulled!

To be included here, among the 9 heaviest players in college football, one needed to be 350 pounds or more.

Kalan EllisG6’6″375Syracuse
Cam JacksonDT6’6″371Florida
T’Vondre SweatDT6’4″362Texas
Damieon George JrOT6’6″361Florida
Delfin Xavier CastilloG6’5″361Vanderbilt
Micah PettusOT6’7″360Ole Miss
Evan AndersonNT6’3″356Florida Atlantic
Willis PatrickG6’4″355TCU
Anez CooperG6’6″350Miami

Who are the Lightest Players in College Football?

Out of 3000 players, there are only 38 listed under 170 pounds. Out of those, only 7 were under 160 pounds.

4 Wide Receivers and 3 Kickers make up the smallest players in college football this year.

Tez JohnsonWR5’10”150Oregon
Silas BoldenWR5’8″153Oregon State
Alex McPhersonK5’9″154Auburn
Noah PerezK5’8″155Akron
DJ England-ChisolmWR5’8″155Middle Tennessee
Malik RutherfordWR5’9″155Georgia Tech
Isaac KoneK6’1″155Georgia State

Which Conference Has the Tallest Players?

The interesting thing that happens when you compare conferences as a whole, the results seem to be surprisingly close.

And, relatively speaking, they are.

However, when you add an inch and 5 to 10 pounds to every player on the roster (basically the difference between most of the Power 5 conferences and Group of 5 conferences), the actual result can be overwhelming.

ConferenceHeight (inches)Height (feet/inches*)
Big 1074.416’2 1/2″
SEC74.396’2 1/2″
Big 1274.296’2 1/4″
Pac 1274.216’2 1/4″
AAC73.586’1 1/2″
Conference USA73.546’1 1/2″
Independents73.526’1 1/2″
Mountain West73.496’1 1/2″
Sun Belt73.376’1 1/4″

*Rounded to the nearest quarter-inch

Which Conference has the Heaviest Players?

Big 10242.23
Big 12240.26
Pac 12238.04
Mountain West233.62
Sun Belt233.5
Conference USA232.65

Important Notes

As a former sports scientist, I tend to take data pretty seriously so I must stress that these ‘averages’ should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Why do I say that?

There are multiple issues that can make all the data in this article flawed.

First and foremost, it’s pretty commonplace in athletics to lie about heights and weights. There’s even a term for it – ‘Program Height’.


The best answer that I was ever given is that it could potentially help with NFL scouting. However, I can’t imagine in 2023 that anyone is fooling an NFL scout with the size listed in a program. I think the real answer is it’s just part of the culture in sports.

*Second, I used the heights and weights of all the projected starters leading into Week 1. Whether it’s through injury or performance, starters can and will change throughout the season.

In fact, it took me a week to gather all these numbers and by the time I was done I would bet that there were dozens of starting positions that had already changed hands.

And, if a few 6’5″ 300-pound players are swapped out with a couple of 6’0″ 250-pound players, the sample size is small enough that this would most likely affect the overall averages.

Finally, I can tell you for a fact that players’ weights can fluctuate pretty wildly from week to week and sometimes even day to day and, especially, over the course of a season.

Just because a guy weighed 250 on the first day of camp when weights were put in the program, does not mean that’s what he weighs in Week 8.

So, have fun with the data above, but this is just a reminder to not take the numbers too seriously.

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