Daily Workouts: What To Expect

Here’s some insight into what you can expect from the Daily Workouts.

Daily Workouts are posted for Monday through Friday. Workouts are posted the night before, between roughly 7 and 8pm.

I do not post a warm-up for each workout. However, I did create a page with some sample warmups you can use.

Workouts are what I refer to as “Beach Ready” workouts. These are workouts that are designed to help you get stronger, in better shape and look good at the beach.

Workouts will be highly varied, but not overly technical. If you want workouts that include a lot of Olympic lifts and periodized squat progressions, then I would highly suggest checking out the Legends Programs in the shop.

Now, here’s what you should expect each day.

Challenge Mondays

Mondays will be some sort of challenge. Either a certain number of reps to achieve or perhaps a timed workout.

Compete against friends, yourself or others in the Horton Barbell Discord Community.

Strong Tuesdays

Tuesdays is a general strength day that will vary and attempt to balance out the challenge on Monday.

For example, if Monday’s challenge involved Lunges then Tuesday’s lift would probably have an upper-body focus.

Circuit Wednesdays

Wednesdays are typically shorter (30 minutes or less) high-intensity circuits. Expect a lot of core work, bodyweight movements and a little sprinkle of mobility work.

Big Squat Thursdays

Thursdays are lower-body days. They may not always include Squats but expect to have your legs challenged.

Get Swole Fridays

Roll into the weekend with a massive upper-body pump on Fridays.