Tallest NFL Offensive Tackles

Who Are The Tallest Offensive Tackles in the NFL? (2023-24)

As an experienced sports performance coach with two decades of experience, I’ve found great value in sharing the physical heights and weights of NFL players with the collegiate athletes I coach. This practice has proven to be a great source of inspiration and motivation, and at times, it serves as a valuable reality check.

For this season, I conducted the same detailed research I always do. I analyzed the 53-man active rosters of the 2023 NFL season, right after the final cuts of the preseason, which included nearly 1700 players in total. Then, I broke down these rosters by position.

Due to popular demand, I’ve compiled this guide focusing on the tallest NFL Offensive Tackles in the league this year, each standing at 6’8″ or above. Prepare to share some impressive, yet random, football trivia with your friends.

The NFL’s Tallest OT

This list includes 14 guys in total. The tallest, Caleb Jones, stands at 6’9″. The other 13 guys are all listed at 6’8″.

In case you’re wondering about the tallest offensive linemen overall in the NFL – including the guards and centers – spoiler alert, it’s the same list. Tackles make up all the linemen 6’8″ or taller.

Caleb Jones

  • Height: 6’9″
  • Weight: 370
  • Team: Green Bay Packers
  • College: Indiana
  • Draft: Undrafted
  • Years in NFL: Rookie

Daniel Faalele

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 380
  • Team: Baltimore Ravens
  • College: Minnesota
  • Draft: 4th Round (Ravens)
  • Years in NFL: 2

Dawand Jones

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 375
  • Team: Cleveland Browns
  • College: Ohio State
  • Draft: 4th Round (Browns)
  • Years in NFL: Rookie

Trent Brown

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 370
  • Team: New England Patriots
  • College: Florida
  • Draft: 7th Round (49ers)
  • Years in NFL: 9

Jordan Mailata

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 365
  • Team: Philadelphia Eagles
  • College: N/A
  • Draft: 7th Round (Eagles)
  • Years in NFL: 6

Orlando Brown

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 345
  • Team: Cincinnati Bengals
  • College: Oklahoma
  • Draft: 3rd Round (Ravens)
  • Years in NFL: 6

Rob Havenstein

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 330
  • Team: Los Angeles Rams
  • College: Wisconsin
  • Draft: 2nd Round (Rams)
  • Years in NFL: 9

Cornelius Lucas

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 328
  • Team: Washington Commanders
  • College: Kansas State
  • Draft: Undrafted
  • Years in NFL: 10

Kolton Miller

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 325
  • Team: Las Vegas Raiders
  • College: UCLA
  • Draft: 1st Round (Raiders)
  • Years in NFL: 6

Matt Waletzko

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 320
  • Team: Dallas Cowboys
  • College: North Dakota
  • Draft: 5th Round (Cowboys)
  • Years in NFL: 2

Luke Tenuta

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 314
  • Team: Green Bay Packers
  • College: Virginia Tech
  • Draft: 6th Round (Bills)
  • Years in NFL: 2

Spencer Brown

  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 311
  • Team: Buffalo Bills
  • College: Northern Iowa
  • Draft: 3rd Round (Bills)
  • Years in NFL: 3

Final Thoughts

In the NFL, height, especially for offensive tackles, can be a huge advantage. Length is incredibly important to keep explosive defensive ends from getting around the edge. The players I’ve listed above are living proof that being a Goliath can have its perks.

However, as we finish up this guide, it’s essential to remember that height is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. The true essence of an NFL player lies in their skill, work ethic, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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