Band Triceps Pushdown

Band Tricep Pushdowns are a great workout finisher. They’re perfect for a high rep set or two at the end of a workout so you leave out with that nice Tricep pump.

Equipment Needed

  • Band
  • Band Anchor (The top of a rack and/or a pull-up bar are good options)

How To Band Tricep Pushdown

First, loop a band around the top of a rack or any other piece of equipment that can solidly hold the band.

  • Stand tall, head up.
  • Hold band with hands eight inches apart, palms down.
  • Bring upper arms to sides and keep them there.
  • Start with forearms and biceps touching.
  • Press band down to arms length.
  • Return slowly and under control to starting position.

To make the exercise more challenging, either use a thicker band or choke up on the band.

Muscles Worked

The Band Tricep Pushdown will work all three heads of the triceps brachii, the lateral head, long head and medial head.

Band Tricep Pushdown Alternatives

Here are a couple band pushdown alternatives if don’t have a band or are just wanting to change up your workout a bit.


If you have access to a dip rack attachment or a dip station, dips are one of the best exercises you can do to build strong triceps.

DB Skull Crushers

Don’t have a band, but you do have dumbbells?

DB Skull Crushers are a great tricep alternative to band pushdowns.

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