Fastest Quarterback 40 Times in NFL Combine History

Fastest Quarterbacks in NFL Combine History

I’ve always loved the NFL Combine. A series of events to evaluate the physical characteristics of the best college football players each year. While it’s debatable whether this whole event is actually valuable (why we’re still doing 225 rep tests, especially with Wide Receivers, I’ll never know), my fascination with it has never waned.

When I trained players for the combine, one of the things we would always do is look at previous years’ results to see how we stacked up. It was a great tool for goal-setting and motivation.

I basically did the same thing for this guide. I went through all the previous NFL Combines to find the top Quarterback 40 times of all time.

Note: These are the official NFL Combine times from Some resources online will also include pro day times, but because there are so many other variables (surface, weather, etc) I’ve stuck strictly to the official times from Indianapolis.

Best Quarterback NFL Combine 40 Times All-Time

Fastest Quarterback Times in NFL Combine History
Player School Time Year
Reggie McNeal Texas A&M 4.35 2006
Robert Griffin III Baylor 4.41 2012
Marcus Vick Virginia Tech 4.47 2006
Marcus Mariota Oregon 4.52 2015
Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech 4.52 2011
Desmond Ridder Cincinnati 4.52 2022
Jarrett Brown West Virginia 4.54 2010
Trevor Knight Texas A&M 4.54 2017
Nick Marshall Auburn 4.54 2015
Brad Smith Missouri 4.54 2006

Year By Year Top Quarterback 40 Times

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 40 times from each year going back to 2012. In addition to the top 5 each year, I’ve also included any Quarterback that has run a 4.70 or faster.

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Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2022
Player School Time Year
Desmond Ridder Cincinnati 4.52 2022
E.J. Perry Brown 4.65 2022
Kenny Pickett Pittsburgh 4.73 2022
Dustin Crum Kent State 4.75 2022
Brock Purdy Iowa State 4.84 2022


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2020
Player School Time Year
Cole McDonald Hawaii 4.58 2020
Jalen Hurts Oklahoma 4.59 2020
Justin Herbert Oregon 4.68 2020
Steven Montez Colorado 4.68 2020
Kelly Bryant Missouri 4.69 2020


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2019
Player School Time Year
Trace McSorley Penn State 4.57 2019
Tyree Jackson Buffalo 4.59 2019
Easton Stick North Dakota State 4.62 2019
Nick Fitzgerald Mississippi State 4.64 2019
Drew Lock Missouri 4.69 2019


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2018
Player School Time Year
J.T. Barrett Ohio State 4.70 2018
Josh Allen Wyoming 4.75 2018
Danny Etling LSU 4.76 2018
Logan Woodside Toledo 4.79 2018
Austin Allen Arkansas 4.81 2018
Kyle Lauletta Richmond 4.81 2018


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2017
Player School Time Year
Trevor Knight Texas A&M 4.54 2017
Joshua Dobbs Tennessee 4.64 2017
Deshaun Watson Clemson 4.66 2017
Mitchell Trubisky North Carolina 4.67 2017
Davis Webb California 4.79 2017


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2016
Player School Time Year
Jeff Driskel Louisiana Tech 4.56 2016
Trevone Boykin TCU 4.77 2016
Carson Wentz North Dakota State 4.77 2016
Christian Hackenberg Penn State 4.78 2016
Kevin Hogan Stanford 4.78 2016


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2015
Player School Time Year
Marcus Mariota Oregon 4.52 2015
Nick Marshall Auburn 4.54 2015
Blake Sims Alabama 4.57 2015
Cody Fajardo Nevada 4.63 2015
Brett Hundley UCLA 4.63 2015


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2014
Player School Time Year
Logan Thomas Virginia Tech 4.61 2014
Stephen Morris Miami 4.63 2014
Connor Shaw South Carolina 4.66 2014
Johnny Manziel Texas A&M 4.68 2014
Derek Carr Fresno State 4.69 2014


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2013
Player School Time Year
Geno Smith West Virginia 4.59 2013
EJ Manuel Florida State 4.65 2013
Matt Scott Arizona 4.69 2013
MarQueis Gray Minnesota 4.73 2013
Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech 4.78 2013


Fastest NFL Combine Quarterback Times 2012
Player School Time Year
Robert Griffin III Baylor 4.41 2012
Russell Wilson Wisconsin 4.55 2012
Jordan Jefferson LSU 4.65 2012
Andrew Luck Stanford 4.67 2012
Aaron Corp Richmond 4.72 2012
Jacory Harris Miami 4.72 2012


Does Running a Fast 40 at the Combine Guarantee Success for a Quarterback?

Running a fast 40 at the NFL Combine can lead to much hype and recognition, but does it directly translate to NFL success?

Guarantee? No. Not at all.

Although it was interesting to dig through the top 10 all-time 40s for quarterbacks to see how their NFL careers panned out. I’ve done this for multiple positions now and the Quarterback position is easily the most hit-and-miss.

On the positive side, two of the Quarterbacks in the top 10 (Griffin III & Mariota) were drafted 2nd overall. However, only about half of the top 10 was drafted at all (Brad Smith was drafted in the 4th round but spent most of his 9 years in the NFL as a wide receiver).

The top 10 has only produced two total pro bowls (Griffin III – 1 & Taylor – 1) and Robert Griffin III has the only other award I could find when he won Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that not everyone that gets invited to NFL Combine actually runs a 40 at the Combine (I believe this is even more prevalent with quarterbacks). So, some players that potentially could have run extremely fast times don’t have an official time on the record.

On top of that, there are many players each year that would have put up fast times and had success at the NFL level that doesn’t receive an NFL Combine invite.


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