How Much Does a Treadmill Weigh? (27 Treadmills Compared)

When shopping for a new treadmill, there are a lot of features that go into the decision making process. What’s the top speed, how much of incline does it have, does it have tv and what’s the price are all popular means to which to filter through treadmills until you find the one you want.

But, there is one feature that is often overlooked, but sooner or later is going to become a very real logistical concern.

What is the weight of the treadmill!?!

A treadmill can weigh anywhere from 50 pounds to 500 pounds with an average treadmill weight of about 270 pounds. The brand, quality and style of treadmill are the key components that determine how much a treadmill weighs.

In this article I’m going to give you some examples of how much some of the most popular treadmills weigh to potentially help you with your buying decision and give you a few tips when you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to move one of these things.

Motorized Treadmill Weight

Most motorized treadmills weigh between 220 and 350 pounds with the average treadmill weight being around 270 pounds.

There are some anomalies however. A couple of the commercial level Life Fitness treadmills and the Nordic Track Incline treadmills were over 400 pounds.

On the other hand, the City L6 from Proform was easily the lightest treadmill with a motor at only 125 pounds!

How Heavy is a Nordic Track Treadmill?

Nordic Track Treadmill Touch Screen

Nordic track is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to treadmills and for good reason. They’ve been consistently making quality treadmills for a long time.

They also have a wide variety of treadmills to choose from as well, from commercial treadmills, incline treadmills and EXP aka Interactive treadmills.

Nordic Track’s two commercial treadmills are the 1750 and 2450. The 1750 treadmill weighs 340 lbs and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and the 2450 weighs 353 pounds, also with a capacity of 300. In fact, all of Nordic Track’s treadmill weight ratings were listed at 300lbs.

Next are Nordic Track’s incline treadmills.

Incline treadmills weigh significantly more than other types of treadmills I came across. At 505 pounds for the X22i and 462 pounds for the X33i, these treadmills weigh over a hundred pounds more than any other treadmill I looked at.

Trying to move one of those things would be an absolute chore!

Finally, the EXP treadmills. The weights of the 14i, Elite 1000 and 7i were 229lbs, 223 and 222 pounds respectively. As stated earlier, these were all listed with a 300lb weight capacity as well.

How Much does a Peloton Treadmill weigh?

Peloton’s treadmill is called the Peloton Tread and appears to do everything except maybe do the actual running for you.

It’s more than just your average treadmill. It has a touch screen that’s accessible to a wide variety of workouts, including strength training, from the Peloton membership.

The Peloton Treadmill weighs 290 pounds and has a user requirement weight range of 105 to 300 pounds.

How Much does a Proform Treadmill weigh?

Proform in another very popular treadmill manufacturer that has been making quality treadmills for a very long time.

Their five most popular treadmills are currently the Pro 9000, Pro 2000, Carbon T10, Carbon T7 and the City L6.

The first four models are all folding deck treadmills and weigh between 220 and 265 pounds, all with a listed weight limit of 300 pounds.

The City L6 is designed to be a smaller, quieter treadmill for anyone with limited floor space and need a reduced footprint. It is, by far, the lightest motorized treadmill I found weighing only 125 pounds.

Other Popular Treadmill Weights

Here is the treadmill weight of some other very popular treadmills (along with the weight capacity), both home gym and a few commercial treadmills as well.

Treadmill Weight Quick Comparison
BrandTreadmillTreadmill WeightWeight Capacity
BowflexTreadmill 10323 lbs400 lbs
BowflexTreadmill 22336 lbs400 lbs
HorizonT101180 lbs300 lbs
HorizonT202187 lbs325 lbs
HorizonT303194 lbs325 lbs
Life Fitness*Activate Series325 lbs400 lbs
Life Fitness*Elevation Series425 lbs400 lbs
Life FitnessIntegrity D Series424 lbs400 lbs
SoleF63254 lbs325 lbs
SoleF80278 lbs375 lbs
SoleF85308 lbs400 lbs

*Although they can be bought for at home use, Life Fitness makes commercial treadmills aimed more at fitness centers than home gyms. This is the reason why they are such heavy weight capacity treadmills (and also why they cost what they do)

Manual Treadmill Weight

Man Running on Manual Treadmill

Instead of relying on a motor to turn the tread, a manual treadmill relies on the runner’s own leg movement to turn the tread.

You may think that because they lack the engines and parts that drive motorized treadmills, manual treadmills would be much lighter than their motorized cousins and you’d be half right.

Manual treadmills come in two different versions, both at extreme opposite ends of the spectrum.

The first is the old school home gym manual treadmills that I always thought would fall apart if I even thought of getting on them.

The other is the new school, high end, commercial level manual treadmill. These treadmills are awesome but can be rather expensive.

More importantly though, how much does a manual treadmill weigh?

The new high end manual treadmills like the Assault Runner Pro and the Curved Treadmill from Tru Grit can weigh anywhere from 300 to 400 pounds.

Those old school manual treadmills I was talking about. Most of those will weigh somewhere around 50 pounds.

Does Weight of a Treadmill Matter?

Yes, the weight of a treadmill does matter, and not just for when it has to be moved. The weight of a treadmill is oftentimes (but not always) a good indicator of the quality of the materials (like a high quality frame) that were used in building the machine.

In every single brand we looked at, there was a direct correlation between the treadmill weight, the weight capacity and the price.

Heavier treadmills had a higher weight capacity every time and they were also more expensive. Heavier treadmills are generally a more sturdy treadmill and more durable as well.

When you really think about it, it’s common sense. Cheap parts, on any kind of product, are often much lighter and also tend to bread more easily and more often.

Knowing this can come in quite handy if you ever find yourself comparing treadmills at sporting goods stores with brand names you may not be familiar with.

How Do You Move a Treadmill?

Treadmill in a Home Gym
For many home gym owners, a treadmill in one of the centerpieces of the gym. Taking it apart of moving it out of a small room can be a chore though.

Outside of having strong friends or hiring movers, the best way to move a treadmill is to take it apart. (Except for some folding deck treadmills that can be pretty easily folded up and wheeled to wherever they need to go)

Taking the treadmill apart accomplishes two objectives, both of which of extremely helpful when trying to move something heavy.

It breaks up the initial heavier object into less heavy and smaller more manageable pieces.

If it’s a motorized treadmill, don’t forget to remove the power cord from the electrical outlet and then tape it to the treadmill so it doesn’t get in your way.

Once you have it broken down into a few pieces, the console and console supports shouldn’t be that hard to carry. The deck, however, will still be rather heavy.

Get at least one other person to help you, raise one side of the treadmill up and slide a furniture dolly underneath. Now, carefully, wheel the deck out to the moving truck (or wherever it’s going). Be mindful of any obstacles as you roll, like transitions in doorways.

With some treadmills weighing 400 and even 500 pounds, there is a good chance it’s the heaviest piece of gym equipment you have in your home (perhaps even more than a squat rack weighs). So, make sure to be careful, get someone to help and take your time moving your treadmill.

Is It Hard to Take Apart a Treadmill?

Taking apart a treadmill is probably not as hard as you think, as long as you keep it simple and don’t go overboard. I would recommend just focusing on removing the console and it’s supports from the treadmill deck.

Just separating these two pieces will make moving your treadmill much more feasible.

Pro Tip: Make sure to take pictures of everything! Every single nut, bolt and screw and where it came from. Then take all of the pieces, put them in a ziplock bag, label it and then tape it to the treadmill itself.

Final Thoughts

When figuring out how much does a treadmill weigh, it turns out that the actual treadmill weight is something that can give you a lot of insight into the quality and durability of the treadmill.

Whether it’s a motorized treadmill or manual treadmill, they are a great addition to a home gym, whether it’s used for a fun routine or a high intensity workout.

Their versatility is what makes them one of the best pieces of exercise equipment that you can buy (depending on your home gym budget of course!).

Hopefully, this article helped you along with your treadmill buying decision-making process – or maybe just helped you answer a trivia question. Either way, hope you enjoyed it.

Stay Strong!

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