Rep Fitness Medicine Ball Review

Rep Fitness Soft Medicine Ball (Wall Ball) Review

I’ve been a college sports performance coach for 20 years and have used hundreds of medicine balls over that course of time. This includes all different brands and styles.

Recently, I decided to do my own side-by-side comparison. So, I bought 10 different medicine balls. Some are med balls that I’ve used before and I added in a few more popular medicine balls to try out.

The Rep Fitness Soft Medicine Ball, aka Wall Ball, was one of those ten and (spoiler alert) it was my favorite-looking ball of the whole group.

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In this review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the Rep Fitness med ball so you can make an educated decision about whether it’s a good fit for your own gym.


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Why Trust My Reviews? I’ve spent 20 years as a collegiate sports performance coach and have been lifting personally even longer. I’ve bought and used equipment for both 14,000 square foot weight rooms and for my own garage gym. Finally, I only review products I’ve personally tested.

best looking med ball
Rep Fitness Medicine Ball

Rep Fitness

Price: B+ (I paid $90.09 on Amazon)

Shipping: B+ (Free with Amazon Prime. Arrived in 4 Days.)

Look: A+ (My personal favorite)

Performance: B

Durability: B

Overall: B+

Details aka Specs

My ball is a 20-pound ball, but Rep Fitness’ wall balls come in sizes ranging from 4 pounds all the way up to 30 pounds. (The all-black 30-pound ball looks sharp as well)

The outside of the ball is listed as being made of faux leather, but apparently, all faux leather is not built the same (More on this in the ‘Pro’ section)

The diameter of the ball is 14″ which is pretty standard for a wall ball.

The last thing I want to point out is this:

The ball comes with a 1-year warranty for home use but is void if used as a slam ball.

This is normal. Almost all wall ball manufacturers will explicitly state they are not designed to be used as a slam ball. However, for the purpose of testing the durability of each medicine ball I tested, I slammed them a considerable amount (Over 600 times and counting).

Pros aka What I Liked

The Rep Fitness is my favorite looking medicine ball. Most wall balls are made with synthetic leather and most wall balls look like they’re made with synthetic leather.

Rep Fitness’s wall ball is also made with synthetic leather, but it actually looks more like a canvas material. That, combined with a great black and blue color scheme and it’s a great-looking medicine ball.

The material is also rather grippy. Where some of the balls felt pretty slick at first, the Rep Fitness ball had a great feel and grip straight out of the box.

From a performance standpoint, it wasn’t the best at anything, but it wasn’t bad at anything either. It’s a very well-rounded (no pun intended) med ball.

The price is very competitive. When you consider Amazon’s free shipping the ball cost me under $100 in total. That’s better than any of the other top-performing balls I tested.

Cons aka What I Didn’t

The Rep Fitness ball held its shape much longer than some of the other low-cost budget-friendly balls, but it has started to lose its shape a little. Not bad, it’s still very usable and still has a bit of a bounce to it, but you can notice it starting to break down just a bit.

As I mentioned above, this is also due to the fact that I’ve been doing (a lot of) med ball slams with it. If I wasn’t, I doubt I’d be noticing any kind of breakdown at this point.

Final Verdict

The Rep Fitness ball is a solid value. Price-wise it was lower than the PB Extreme, Dynamax and Rogue but it also has started to lose its shape before those three as well.

If you don’t plan on beating the crap out of your ball (maybe combo it with a Slam Ball for slams), it can be well worth the buy in my opinion (if for nothing else than purely based on the look which was my favorite of the whole group).

However, if you want the best performance and durability I would still lean toward the PB Extreme and Dynamax.

If you’d like to purchase your own Rep Fitness Wall Ball (or just check its current price), you can find the Rep Fitness Med Ball on Amazon here.

Finally, if you’d like to see the full review of all 10 medicine balls that I tested, check out the Best Medicine Ball for a Home Gym.

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