Average Height and Weight of NFL Kicker

Average Height and Weight of NFL Kicker (2024)

I’ve been a collegiate sports performance coach for 20 years. One thing I always felt was effective was showing guys the heights and weights of players at their position in the NFL.

It helped give many players the extra motivation needed to gain weight when they were able to compare themselves to guys at the next level. Granted, the height and weight of a kicker are not nearly as relevant (or at all) as it is at other positions, but, trust me, that doesn’t stop the kickers from being just as interested.

So, this is essentially the same research I would share with players, but now I’m sharing it with you. I took 53-man active rosters for the 2022 season (just before the final week of the season – Jan 2023), almost 1700 players total and broke them down by position.

For this guide, I took an average of the heights and weights of the 32 active kickers across the league. In addition, just for fun, I listed the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest kickers as well. Go ahead and impress someone today with your newfound random football knowledge.

Average Height of an NFL Kicker

The average height of an NFL Kicker is 71.94 inches or just barely under 6’0″.

Average Weight of an NFL Kicker

The average weight of an NFL Kicker is 195.41 pounds.

Who Are The Tallest Kickers in the NFL?

Here are the six tallest kickers in the NFL in 2023, all listed at 6’2″ or taller.

  • Daniel Carlson – 6’5″ – Raiders
  • Harrison Butker – 6’4″ – Chiefs
  • Brandon McManus – 6’3″ – Broncos
  • Ryan Succop – 6’2″ – Bucs
  • Graham Gano – 6’2″ – Giants
  • Chris Boswell – 6’2″ – Steelers

Who are the Shortest Kickers in the NFL?

Kickers always tend to look small, especially considering they’re usually on the field with almost all linemen. It would surprise a lot of people with just how big some of these guys are.

  • Cairo Santos – 5’8″ – Bears
  • Jake Elliott – 5’9″ – Eagles
  • Younghoe Koo – 5’9″ – Falcons
  • Randy Bullock – 5’9″ – Titans

Who are the Heaviest Kickers in the NFL?

It’s probably not too big of a surprise that the two heaviest quarterbacks are also two of the tallest. Here are the top 5.

  • Matt Gay – 232 pounds – Rams
  • Nick Folk – 222 pounds – Patriots
  • Ryan Succop – 218 pounds – Bucs
  • Cameron Dicker – 216 pounds – Chargers
  • Daniel Carlson – 215 pounds – Raiders

Who are the Lightest Kickers in the NFL?

The four lightest kickers in the league are 180 pounds or lighter.

  • Jake Elliott – 167 pounds – Eagles
  • Cairo Santos – 175 pounds – Bears
  • Brett Maher – 180 pounds – Cowboys
  • Chase McLaughlin – 180 pounds – Colts

Final Thoughts

Most fans think of kickers as these tiny people because they play a sport played by giant human beings. However, the average kicker – 6’0″ tall and almost 200 pounds – is going to be one of the bigger people in most rooms that they’re in… just not an NFL locker room.

Also, as I mentioned earlier if you have the ability and the talent you can kick in the NFL at any size. From 5’8″ to 6’5″ and 167 pounds to 233 pounds, you find all different sizes and body types when it comes to NFL kickers.

Other Positions

I’ve also done the same height and weight breakdown for other positions too including:

Or you can see an overview of the average height and weight of NFL players, broken down by position here.



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