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Non Running Cardio (Daily Workouts – 022124)

Before Getting Started

  • Always consult a physician before starting any workout program. Do any of the following workouts at your own risk. Read our full Disclaimers Page here.
  • Workouts are Monday-Friday. Workouts are posted between 7 and 8pm EST the night before.
  • Read Here for what to expect each day of the week.
  • Warm-Ups are not included. Need some Warm-up Ideas? Click Here
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Non-Running Cardio

  • 30 – 60 Minutes of Non-Running Cardio

For Example:

  • Bike
  • Play Basketball
  • Play Tag with Your Kids for a Half-Hour
  • Raquetball

Pick something you ENJOY and go do it.

Coach’s Notes

Once per cycle, I always like to encourage you to just go do something you enjoy…

Oddly enough, this workout will get blown off by a lot of people. Too many of us have it hard-wired into our brains that working out must equal suffering. It doesn’t!

Now, some of you, like me, ENJOY the “suffering” that comes with working out. Pushing yourself to your limits can be immensely satisfying.

But, you gotta mix it up sometimes and just have some fun.

So, don’t blow this one off. Find something you ENJOY and go do it.

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