Author: Coach Horton

Horton Barbell was created by Ryan Horton who has served as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Scientist for almost 20 years at schools like the University of Tennessee, Temple University and Georgia Tech. The mission of Horton Barbell is to create a training resource to help as many coaches and athletes as possible maximize their potential.
Chalk vs Lifting Strap (Which is Better – Pros & Cons)

Chalk vs Lifting Strap (Which is Better – Pros & Cons)

Chalk and Lifting Straps are the two most effective ways at improving your grip strength when lifting weights and can help protect your hands from excessive wear and tear. But, the question this article is going to tackle is – is one of these lifting accessories better than the other for grip dominance in the…

11 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders (Strength & Size)

Honestly, who doesn’t love shoulder workouts? Whether you’re an athlete developing upper body strength or just someone wanting to look good in a tank top, strong shoulders play a critical role. And what better way to get those shoulders in shape than with a pair of trusty dumbbells? Not only are dumbbells a versatile piece…